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----    IAAPA 2012 Orlando Show Schedule    ----
    (11/13/12) The IAAPA 2012 trade show floor will open today, Tuesday, Nov 13th at 10am to 6pm, following the same hours on Wednesday, Thursday and open only from 10am to 4pm on Friday.




(11/19/12) I’ve got a few more IAAPA videos for everyone today.  I’ll start things off with a visit to Pale Night Productions haunted house that they brought on site to the show floor that has some great video based effects.

Then it’s off to the Moser Rides booth who had a great standing swing ride that you have to see as it swings and spins like crazy. They call it the Freestyler. Very unique, but also low capacity, so this isn’t going to be something you see at major theme parks, but would be a great fit at smaller attractions.

And finally… the CoasterCrew guys made it over to the Sally Corp. booth, makers of fine dark rides all over the world, to chat with Drew Hunter to talk about their latest projects and efforts.

If you want to check out a large collection of photos from the IAAPA show floor you can also check out ThemeParkReview. They also posted a few fun video interviews where they chat with the guys from Mack Rides, Lo-Q and Sally, or a video with S&S, Silver Dollar City and Rocky Mountain, a clip with B&M. ProSlide and Martin & Vleminkx, or a stop with Intamin and Zamperla.

(11/16/12) Time for today’s quick IAAPA recap, with video interviews thanks to the guys at CoasterCrew. Today we get a look at the latest innovations frolm AlterFace who have made improvements their previous interactive systems to project video images and damage effects from your shooting onto a real world environment. There is also a new walk-through interactive dark ride concept that I’d like to see more about as well.

    Then they stop odd at the 3DBA booth to see Pinball: The Ride, where you get launched up the ramp and fired into a human sized pinball machine room with other riders. They also had a very detailed scale model of a new indoor waterpark concept themed to the Ice Age films, as well as an interactive Ice Age dark ride experience.

    Next up is a stop to chat with Brent Young of Super 78 who talks up the details about the brand new SpongeBob 4D film in the works.

    A stop at Radical Recreations, a new combinations of a Zip Line and a Roller Coaster concept that is worth checking out, with their methods of riding both on top and below the rail.

And to wrap things up, they also hit up Clip n Climb (Cimbing Walls), Funnel Sticks (tasty snack), Stumpfl (building projection systems), Creative Works (a fun new game) and Sippers by Design.



(11/15/12) I haven’t seen anything on it yet, but I’m hearing S&S are showing off concept art of a new take on the 4D coaster concept, this time with forwards and backwards facing seats, much like bolting a Vekoma Invertigo style car to the 4th Dimension coasters spin arm. Looks like you can really change your ride experience by trying it both forwards and backwards.

The Premier Rides booth at IAAPA has a poster on display promoting a new Dark Ride LSM Coaster combo experience opening somewhere in 2013 called Deep Space. Anyone know where this is going?

Great Coasters has introduced a new coaster concept at IAAPA this week. They call it Back Track, and it is actually a wooden shuttle coaster concept that looks very interesting. Check out the video below. Then below thatCoaster Crew chats with Adam House from Great Coasters International and takes a tour of the GCI booth.

Zamperla shows off their Air Race ride on the IAAPA show floor this year, this time with a scaled down portable version with a very dynamic LED lightning package.

It wouldn’t be IAAPA without a visit to chat with Stan Checketts who is back after selling 22 of his new Soaring Eagle rides since last year. Lets take a ride with Stan on the Soaring Eagle… watch the video.

A large inflatable dome was set up outside the IAAPA show building this year, which is actually a portable special event dome to hold events, shows and more inside from Lindstrand. Step inside and find out what can be done with it.


(11/14/12) Time for some fun IAAPA video coverage, thanks to our friends at The Coaster Crew. Today they checked out the Rock Top, an assortment of unique drink topper attachments designed to hold food items on top of your drink cup.

    Up next is an interview with the inventor of Dippin Dots who talks a bit about the creation of the tasty treat, as well as what new developments they have on the way. Here’s a hint… there are all new flavors and items on the way like the Clusters, Cherry Limeaide, Strawberry Lemonade, Coffee flavors and more.

    They also stopped by the NAMCO booth to check out a few new game concepts, like an air hockey table with a mixture of 30 pucks in two different sizes that you have to deal with all at once, as well as a new compact take on Skeeball game called PacMan Ghost Bowling. The air hockey concept called PacMan Smash is very cool, starting out as a typical game with one big puck and before you know it there are tiny pucks all over the place.

    Finally they ventured over to the ETF Ride System booth for a look at their latest dark ride vehicles. This year they have a new trackless dark ride concept that also includes a motion platform, allowing for a trackless version of a Spiderman / Transformers style ride experience and beyond, as being free from tracks can allow for unlimited ride variations.

    They also posted some great videos showing off new announcements at IAAPA for Mt. Olympus’ Hades, SeaWorld Orlando and Holiday World.






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