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Lantau Island, Hong Kong
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    (2/20/18) Hong Kong Disneyland Experiences Third Year Of Losses (MORE...)
    (2/14/18) New Details About The Ant-Man & Wasp Ride (MORE...)
    (12/12/17) Stan Lee Tours Hong Kong Disneyland's Iron Man Experience (MORE...)
    (12/11/17) New Castle Artwork Released (MORE...)


icon_STOPGeneral Park News - (3/17/18) Hong Kong Disneyland is launching the "Carnival of Stars" starting this weekend, a collection of new special entertainment offerings that will run through the summer. The additions include a new "We Love Mickey" projection show on Main Street USA, the addition of many new special characters to meet throughout the park, including new Marvel favorites: Blank Panther, Spider-Man and Groot. Elsewhere the park will put on various new musical and dacing entertainment acts in the park, a Disney-Pixar themed "Water Play Street Party", and in May the park will open the new "Moana: A Homcoming Celebration" stage show in Adventureland. You can read a bit more and see some of the new concept artwork over at Disney & More.
    (2/21/18) According to a report at Variety, Hong Kong Disneyland has experienced a third straight year of losses, losing $44.4 million in 2017, double the sum it lost from the two previous years.
    (12/12/17) As a Marvel fan, it’s always fun to see Stan Lee make appearances around living examples of famous Marvel heroes and villains. Usually we see this in the feature films which each always insert Lee into the action somewhere as a small cameo role, but in the latest update to Disney & More we get to see pictures of Stan Lee appearing at Hong Kong Disneyland to take on the new Iron Man Experience attraction as well as being honored as the Grand Marshal in the park’s parade for the day.







icon_STOP2018 - Unnamed Ant-Man Attraction / Moana’s Village Festival -
    (2/14/18) A few new details were released from Disney about the new Marvel attraction planned for Hong Kong Disneyland.
    "In the new attraction, guests will join Ant-Man and The Wasp to fight Arnim Zola and his army of Hydra swarm bots. This will be the second Marvel ride-through attraction experience guests can only have at Hong Kong Disneyland – including the new Iron Man Experience, already the most popular attraction – and just one part of the resort’s multi-year expansion plan through 2023, which will also include an entire Marvel-themed area."
    (10/14/17) According to a post at Disney & More, Hong Kong Disneyland has started work on their new six-year expansion plans that will once again expand the park with new attractions and themed areas, such as Frozen and Marvel, as well as enhance the park's central castle to allow for bigger and better show viewing. This will all start with the transformation of the former Buzz Lightyear ride into a new Marvel themed interactive-ride themed to Ant-Man set to open sometime in 2018.
    (5/4/17) A popular line of thought is that Disney would want to open the new Ant-Man themed attraction around the same time the new Ant Man & Wasp feature film hits theaters, currently set for July 2018.
    (11/23/16) While the Iron Man Experience opens in Jan. 2017 as the first Marvel themed attraction in a Disney park, it wont be the last. Tomorrowland seems destined to become the Hong Kong home to Marvel, and the park will "reimagine" the existing Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters dark ride into a new Marvel themed dark ride that will allow guests to fight alongside some of their heroes. Based on the artwork shown, we can see guests in a dark ride with guns shooting at robotic insects alongside Ant Man.






2019 - Castle & Hub Improvements - (12/11/17) Hong Kong Disneyland posted a new image showing off the latest revised artwork as to how they plan on expanding the park's castle into a taller and more unique castle. According to the article the castle's design is now drawing inspiration from a number of different "storybook influences and styles", though I'm worried it is giving it a bit too much of a 'hodge-podge" look, instead of a flowing single style design. Take a look and see what you think.
    Construction will begin on the existing castle starting January 1st, though no date was given as to when it will be finished. Previous estimates had it listed as finished by 2019.
    (11/23/16) According to the park's press release a new and completely transformed Castle and Hub area will open with built in facilties allowing it to be used for new character shows in the daytime and as part of a new nighttime spectacular show after dark.





2020/2021 - Frozen Land - (5/4/17) Disney has confirmed on the official blog that the big expansion plans for Hong Kong Disneyland have been approved from the local government and that "starting next year through 2023" they will be adding new world-class attractions, entertainment and new themed areas. Already confirmed to be part of the expansion is an entire Frozen themed land.
    (11/23/16) A new land themed to the world of Frozen will open with two new attractions. Guests can explore the kingdom of Arendelle, meet the characters, and more. While I'm guessing at least one of the attractions will be a new dark ride, the other appears like it could be a 'dancing' ice sled themed version of the Luigi's Rollickin' Roadsters attraction that opened at California Adventure in 2016.




2023 - Avengers Themed Attraction - (11/23/16) The next phase of the Marvel rollout will open, this one will replace the Autopia with a massive new attraction that looks like it could be themed to The Avengers.


???? - Second Theme Park - Long Term Plan - (2/13/15) I'm told that Hong Kong Disneyland is hoping to push ahead with plans to build a second theme park across from the first one. This was always part of the total masterplan for the site itself, but one of our readers just returned from the park this morning where they spotted a group of height check balloons hovering over the site for the future second park early in the morning, across from the main plaza between the park entrance and fountain. Visually, the two-park set-up here would be almost identical to how Disneyland and California Adventure are set up across from each other.
    Meanwhile the Disney & More Facebook page mentioned back on Feb. 9th that the Hong Kong Tourism Commission is now asking the Walt Disney Company to begin looking into plans for a second park as well now that the first park seems to be off and running well at last.



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