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News & Rumors


HOLIDAY WORLD & Splashin’ Safari
Santa Claus, Indiana (Abbreviation: HW)



Park News - (7/4/16) Just a quick note that Holiday World was evacuated on Thursday night at about 8:30pm when a guest reported a suspicious unattended backpack left in the park. Turns out it was a false alarm and the all-clear was given about an hour later for guests to return into the park to retrieve any items left behind. Holiday World reopened as normal the next day.
    (2/18/16) Holiday World reports that they will bring back the park's old Freedom Train to the park this season, but only as part of an in-park display, and not as a functional attraction. The locomotive has been restored to feature the original blue and red colors and "Santa Claus Land Railroad" name on it. Look for it to be shown off in the park's 4th of July land.


2017 - New Attraction - Rumor - (4/22/16) A little birdie dropped off a message claiming that Holiday World is looking into adding yet another roller coaster to the park for the 2017 season. Of course after just opening Thunderbird last year and dropping $2 million on a major improvement project for Legend, this rumor makes me wonder if we might just be seeing a makeover to Voyage or Raven instead in 2017... but a new coaster is always a welcome addition.



Track Record

Holiday World &
Splashin’ Safari
Santa Claus, Indiana

Abbreviation: HW

Newest Developments
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2006 - Thanksgiving area & The Voyage, Gobbler Getaway



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