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Hassloch, Germany
Studio 100







2018 - Heidiland - Confirmed - (11/29/17) We have a few new details about the indoor themed land being added to Holiday Park for 2018. According to this article it will be called Heidiland, a new themed land that will feature seven attractions (one is a family coaster) inside of a 6,000 square meter, 12-meter tall indoor hall structure. The land will apparently be themed to the "Heidi" IP from Studio 100 Media GmbH, which was used as the theme for a wooden coaster at Plopsaland De Panne that opened in 2017.
    (7/27/17) BlooLoop reports that the Plopsa Group will invest €7.5 million into the building of a new indoor facility at Holiday Park in Germany. According to the report it will be a 5,000 square meter covered area to be called Holiday Indoor, and it will be ready to open by Summer 2018. The new indoor attraction area will feature seven new attractions and help turn Holiday Park into a year-round / all-weather destination. The list of attractions will include a family coaster, interactive flying carousel, slide, ball pool, climbing tree, playground and more. Follow the link to see some of the concept artwork for Holiday Indoor.

2019 - Nothing is known at this time...

icon_STOP2020 - Dino Splash - (4/14/19) BlooLoop reveals that the Plopsa Group has plans to invest €25 million into Holiday Park over the next five years, including three new attractions in the works. The first will be a transformation of the park’s Thunder River rapids ride into Dino Splash for 2020.

icon_STOP2021 - Two New Rides - (4/14/19) The Plopsa Group announced plans to add a Disk’O Coaster and Splash Battle attractions to the park in time for the 2021 season if all goes as planned.



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2014 - Sky Fly

2014 - Sky Scream &
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