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Hershey, PA
Hershey Entertainment & Resorts Company



General Resort News - (7/7/17) Those who were at Hersheypark for the big fireworks show got a little more of a show than what Hersheypark had planned. The fireworks show sparked a blaze in the brush of a nearby hillside about 15 minutes into the show. While the fire was quickly controlled put out by local firefighters it still made for some dramatic images on social media.


2017 - Hershey's Triple Towers - (8/3/16) Hersheypark announced their new attraction plans for 2017 and it probably isn't quite what anyone was expecting. They are calling it Hershey's Triple Towers and the experience is made up of three S&S style tower rides, each with a different height and theme.
    The shortest of the three towers will be the Kisses Tower, standing 80 feet tall, and able to hoist 12 rides at once. This is expected to be an S&S Double Shot style tower experience.
    Next is the Reese's Tower standing 131 feet and able to hold 16 riders. This was announced to also be a Double Shot style ride experience.
    The biggest is the Hershey's Tower that will stand 189 feet and carry 20 riders, and actually features S&S new round seating car. The experience on this ride will be the S&S Combo tower ride experience, able to perform both Space Shot and Turbo Drop modes.
    The three new side-by-side towers will go on Kissing Tower Hill and take the place of Frog Hopper, Convoy and Red Baron. The first two displaced rides will be moved to the site of the Huss made Flying Falcon tower, which will be leaving the park for good. The Red Baron will be moved near the entrance to the Boardwalk.
    Elsewhere in the park, they will add a Chik-Fil-A location sometime next year. Why? I'm not sure... because besides being popular food items, even the theme park installations are required to remain closed on Sundays just like the real restaurants, which always raises my eyebrow around the time of year when parks move to weekend only operations.


icon_STOP2018 - Boardwalk Expansion - Confirmed - (8/9/17) Hersheypark has confirmed the addition of two major new attractions coming to The Boardwalk for the 2018 season. As I suspected from the clues, one will be a HydroMagnetic water coaster slide called Breakers Edge that will actually be the first HydroMagnetic one to also have the Flying Saucer Turns. The second attraction will be a unique six-lane KrakenRacer style slide called Whitecap Racers. This wont be a regular mat racer slide by any means, as it will be the longest mat racing slide in the world that will start off like a KrakenRacer through dark twisting tubes and into a series of speed hills, but then you will enter another set of unique tunnels for your final race to the bottom and finish line. Check out the videos below and look for these to open for Memorial Day Weekend 2018.

    (8/2/17) According to Hersheypark, the big announcement about what's new in 2018 will take place on August 8th at 11am, and you can watch along on their Facebook page.
    (7/29/17) The fifth and final clue from Hersheypark is now live with a rather simple message that deciphers essentially as "Get ready twice the fun", which again makes it sound as if they are adding two attractions, or two side-by-side slides that may race. Wouldn't a water-coaster of Lightning Racer be kind of a fun idea?
    (7/22/17) Hersheypark's latest clue (#4) translates roughly to "This is 14", which on the surface almost seems to tease a new coaster for the park, which currently has 13 rollercoasters. While this could once again be a sign of a possible new watercoaster style slide coming to the park, it could also be a bit of a red herring because there is something else the park also currently has 13 of... waterslides. It currently has 6 major slides and an additional 7 more are part of the East Coast Waterworks play area.
    (7/15/17) Hersheypark has released a 3rd clue this week... which solves as "It's a race to the finish". Hmm... it could be about time the Boardwalk added a mat racer slide. That's another big waterpark staple attraction they don't have yet. This could also tie to the strange second clue about light at the end of the tunnel if they are adding something like a ProSlide KrakenRacer to the park.
    (7/12/17) Hersheypark has posted their second clue about what's in store for 2018, which you can see here. Spoiler Alert - This one says "There Is A Light At The End Of The Tunnel". Definitely a departure in tone from what we've seen before, but still using the waterpark themed icons, so this makes me wonder if we may be seeing more than one addition in 2018.
    (7/7/17) Hersheypark has posted a new teaser on Twitter regarding their 2018 expansion plans. They list this one as Clue 1 of 6 with a link directing you to a dedicated new page to see the rest of the clue.
    I'll go ahead and solve this one for you... "We're Adding More Water 2 The Boardwalk", which again locks in the idea of a major expansion coming to the boardwalk. One final thought however that a reader pointed out to me... Tidal Force may not have to leave just yet... because the former station for the Roller Soaker is still on site in the midst of the Boardwalk area which presents a very interesting opportunity for Hersheypark. What if Hersheypark were to use the former Roller Soaker station as a new station for a hydro-magnetic water coaster attraction,  not unlike the Krakatau Aqua Coaster that just opened at Universal's Volcano Bay? This would allow the boardwalk to add a high capacity attraction that would soar up and around the existing Boardwalk area without the need to remove much of anything to make room. Just an idea...

    (6/29/17) Hersheypark has started their own teaser campaign on social media for their 2018 project this week. While there isn’t much to go on yet, and this could simply be one part of several mini projects the park has in store for 2018, the implication here is that some kind of expansion to The Boardwalk waterpark area may be in the works. The biggest problem with expanding The Boardwalk is space however, as they made the odd choice at the time to build it in the middle of the park, and ended up removing the park’s rapids ride the last time they expanded it with a wave pool.
    If the expansion is small, they could remove the Wild Mouse or Ferris Wheel perhaps, though the biggest potential plot of land that already happens to sit smack in the middle of the Boardwalk itself would be to remove Tidal Force. The aging Shoot the Chutes style ride has long been said to be on the chopping block due to the prime location and advanced age of the ride itself which opened way back in 1994. Many parks have been opting to remove their similar style attractions over the past decade as well as age sets in, in addition to the high maintenance requirements of most water rides in general.


2018/2019 - Park Expansion / New Land - Rumor -



(5/14/17) So what's going on at Hersheypark for 2018 is the big question as new survey flag markers have been spotted in the grassy area "where the old pool was, near the park entrance plaza" as well as on the other side of the old section of Park Blvd. Is it time for the park to add a new coaster for 2018? 
    Time-wise, they could be due for something new it seems, as the last new coaster was the indoor Laff Trakk mouse coaster in 2015, and before that SkyRush opened in 2012, Fahrenheit in 2008 and Storm Runner in 2004. So they seem to average a new coaster ever 3-4 seasons as of late, so 2018 is possible, but so is 2019. But what could it be?
    According to our first rumor, 2018 is the date being whispered around for the park's next new large attraction or expansion, comes with an odd caveat that not everyone may like what they announce when they do it. Strange... as this seems to imply that the 2018 wont be the coaster everyone is ready for, so be prepared to wait until 2019 for that one.
    It is also nice to see that it looks like they will be taking advantage of the new land added to the park to the right of the entrance by the moving of Park Blvd, which gives them an open slate and no need to remove anything to make room. Another possible rumor or two seems to indicate that what may be built over there could be the beginning of a new themed land for the park, complete with an assortment of smaller rides, some new and some possibly moved in from other areas of the park.
    This sounds a bit more logical with the rumors presented so far, and would serve as the setup to link the park to the new property, setting up things for a new coaster to come as early as 2019.
(5/25/16) That new road project planned to go around the backside of Hersheypark is under way it seems and according to one source, they hope to have it done by the end of the year. It doesn't show much, but I’ve seen a few photos so far to confirm that work is under way.
    (2/15/16) A plan to relocate the road that run behind Hersheypark and run between it and the old golf-course they bought has been in the works for a number of years now, but it looks like things are moving forward at last, with a vote from the county approved to hire an engineering firm to perform the final design work on the $8.5 million new road.


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