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Park News - (5/29/12) A new 3D enabled POV video on Krake at Heide Park can be found here.
    (3/28/12) RollerCoasterRevolution is back with some new pictures of the first drop themeing added to Krake at Heide Park, along with an off-ride video of how it looks with the ride in action.
    (2/22/12) It looks like Heide Park is going to live up to the promise of giving Krake some really great themeing at the bottom of that first drop. Check out the construction pictures of the massive shipwreck and tentacles being installed over at the official Krake blog.


icon_STOP2014 - Flug der Damonen / Flight of the Demon - Confirmed - (3/31/14) Morgan’s Very Unofficial Travel Guide drops into Heide Park to ride Flug der Damonen. Check out the video report below!

    (3/24/14) Pictures of the new Flug Der Damonen (B&M Wing Coaster) in action at Heide Park can be found at ThemeParkReview this week. I’m also told that Heide Park is now offering “preview rides” for those who stay in the park’s resort as part of a package that includes a backstage tour of the ride. I’ve also included an on-ride POV video below.

    (2/10/14) A fun collection of concept art and construction pictures from Heide Park’s new Flight of the Demon wing coaster can be seen posted to the LA Times.
    (1/17/14) Some great video footage of Hedie Park testing their new B&M Wing Coaster appeared on YouTube a few days ago. Check it out below.

    (1/10/14) Heide-Park has given a name to their new B&M Wing Coaster project and will call it Flug der Damonen… or in English… Flight of the Demon.
    (9/18/13) It seems the installation of the new B&M Wing Coaster track at Heide Park is nearly complete. Check out the latest pictures here.
    (8/21/13) Heide Park has confirmed their B&M Wing Coaster project for 2014. The layout for the new coaster can be found here. According to those who have seen the plans, the layout has some interesting features, such as the camelback airtime hill following the Dive Drop, an interesting near-miss moment when the train will fly-under the maintenance shed, plus near the end of the run is a new element our source calls an “Inclined Norwegian-Pretzel Loop”. Click here to see a few more pictures from a construction site tour.
    (8/13/13) I’m told that Heide-Park will make the formal announcement for their new B&M Wing coaster this Sunday, August 18th.  In the meantime new construction pictures showing off the station track, brake run and climb up onto the lift hill can be found over at TPR.
    (7/22/13) White B&M coaster track and green supports can now be seen at Heide Park for the 2014 coaster project. It looks like this may now be a new Wing Coaster design with the trains themed as giant bats. The ride is expected to begin with a Gatekeeper style dive-loop followed by 4 or 5 more inversions that will likely include an Immelman and a Zero-G Rolls or two.
    (6/7/13) The mystery B&M Wing Coaster track spotted at the plant in Ohio seems to have begun arriving at Heide Park in Germany this week.
    (8/29/12) The new coaster coming to Heide Park in 2014 is now expected to be a B&M Wing Coaster after an environmental impact study was briefly leaked online before being taken down again according to the comments at Heide-Park Forum. Meanwhile CoastersAndMore says it will be roughly the same basic size and scale as Gardaland’s Raptor which makes sense because Merlin was involved with both it and Swarm.
    (5/10/12) Coaster Community has posted an interesting piece of artwork that is supposed to represent the 2014 coaster project on the way for Heide Park. The artwork clearly shows off a B&M Flyer style train themed like a scary looking evil flying gargoyle or demonic creature, or perhaps a giant vampire bat. There is also a great scary looking castle building in the background, with the coaster seen flying out of a dark sewer tunnel and over the edge of a waterfall. I can’t wait to see more.
    (3/28/12) According to Heide Park has put up a teaser sign for a new 2014 project that promises to be big and fast. Sounds like the next coaster is in the works already. The last coaster in the park was Krake, which was also their first B&M. Perhaps they’ll select something else from B&M for 2014 like a Flyer or Wing Coaster.


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