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HAPPY VALLEY BEIJING  (Beijing, China)  - website

2018-2020 - New Expansion and New Coasters - (5/4/17) According to a tweet from VHCoasters, Happy Valley Beijing has revealed new expansion plans on a banner posted that include new two new B&M coasters that appear to be a Hypercoaster and a Family Inverted coaster. Can anyone else who reads Chinese tell us what the text next to all of the 'NEW' banners says?


HAPPY VALLEY CHENGDU  (Sichuan, China)  - website

2017/2018 - B&M Dive Machine & Wooden Coaster - (12/1/15) According to a Tweet from VHCoasters, Happy Valley Chengdu have announced plans to build a new area in the park that will have a B&M Dive Machine (164 feet tall w/ a splash effect) as well as a new wooden coaster (112.2 feet tall, 3280.8 feet long) that will be ready to open in 2017. I haven't heard yet who is making the wooden coaster for sure, but the chain has purchased three Martin & Vleminckx wooden coasters for their other parks lately, so I wouldn't be surprised if this is another M&V coaster.



New Park - Opening 2017 - (7/12/17) A Tweet from VHCoasters shows off several new pictures of the new Soaring Wings (B&M Wing Coaster) now open at Happy Valley Chongqing.

    (3/6/17) Some great photos of a new GCI wooden coaster going up at the new Happy Valley Chongqing theme park going up in China were posted to Twitter last week. The park is expected to open sometime later in 2017 and will feature four coasters, including the green B&M Wing coaster you can see in the background behind GCI's latest project.


HAPPY VALLEY SHANGHAI (Shanghai, China) - website

Late 2017 to Early 2018 - European Town Hotels - Under Construction - (8/26/16) A new on-site resort hotel project begun construction in early July 2016. There will be three hotel buildings, each with a unique country theme: Spain, German and Scandinavian.

2018 - New Land and New Show - (8/26/16) The park will open a new indoor show in the OCT Theater and build a new themed area to be called Shangri-La.


HAPPY VALLEY SHENZHEN (Guangdong, China) - website

2018/2019 - Mack Power Splash / New Land - (9/4/17) According to a tweet from VHCoasters, Happy Valley Shenzhen have announced a new themed area is on the way to the park that will include one of the very fun looking new Mack Power Splash rides. Check out the artwork below.



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