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Park News - (11/27/15) I've been very curious to see more about what Sally's new walk-through haunt experience custom created for Gonda Lund looks like. Sally Corp. was good enough to post a new video showcasing some of the actual experience and animatronics and special effects seen inside in a new video. Looks like a blast!



2017 - Ikaros - Confirmed - (6/8/16) Gronda Lund has announced they will build a new drop tower ride called Ikaros (Icarus) from Intamin where the riders will rise to the drop and swing out to face and fall to the ground while in a face-down posture, much like Falcon’s Fury at Busch Gardens Tampa. The ride will stand 95 meters tall, and feature just two ride gondolas, each with 8 seats.
   The ride is named after the Greek legend of Icarus, who escaped captivity by wearing a pair of wings his father made out of feathers and wax. Icarus became so brave during his flight that he flew too close to the sun, which caused his wings to melt and he fell to his death in the sea. Going along with the legend, the top of the ride’s tower will feature a giant sun icon.



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