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icon_STOPPark News - (7/18/15) The giant "cake" stage is already in place for the birthday celebration at Gardaland. Don't worry, a real 200kg cake and 600 bottles of spumante are on hand to celebrate in style after dark tonight, plus DJ’s, dancers, celeb look-a-likes and cosplayers apparently.


    (7/15/15) On July 19th, Gardaland will turn 40 years old. To celebrate the park will put on a party starting on Saturday, July 18th where it will stay open until 3am, featuring music, dancing, parades, live shows and more when the party kicks into high gear at 6:30pm. There will also be a record-breaking cake, 8 meters tall and 12 in diameter, "dressed up" with over 40,000 colorful balloons.
    (4/24/14) RollerCoasterRevolution reports that Gardaland appears to have put their unique Sequoia Adventure (S&S Screamin’ Squirrel) roller coaster up for sale, and has posted a screen capture from the IRM used rides sale page that is listing the 2005 ride for a hair over $1.5 million. Only three of the coasters were ever sold (2005-2007) before the design concept evolved forward into the the current El Loco model starting in 2008 with Steel Hawg.


2015 - Oblivion: The Black Hole - (3/25/15) A fun complete POV video showing off Oblivion: The Black Hole at Gardaland was posted to YouTube by Parksmania this week. Give it a watch and be sure to look for the warped and twisted scenery props installed at the bottom of the drop that give off the impression that they are being sucked into the black hole with you. Very cool stuff.

    (3/3/15) A vidow showing test footage of Oblivion: The Black Hole in action was leaked onto YouTube. Check it out below.






Gardaland has released some impressive new Oblivion: The Black Hole photos that show off a very cool new feature on the coaster... a little thing they are calling the "mysterious space-time conduct", a link portable between Earth and an unknown new place in space and time that you will pass through while diving underground from the top of the coasters lift hill. To help create the effect of passing through this vortex portal of space and time, some impressive giant pieces of practical scenery have been installed just outside the tunnel entrance that are being pulled and stretched by the intense gravitational field of the portal, and to be in the process of being sucked in along with your coaster train.
    The park also mentions that not only will there be great themeing and effects at this point on the ride, but the coaster's queue will be a unique and interactive experience.
    (2/17/15) The latest construction video for Oblivion at Gardaland can be found below.

    (1/14/15) The latest construction site video about Oblivion: The Black Hole, complete with drone-cam footage from the construction site, was posted by ParksMania this week. Check it out below.

   2015_OblivionBlackHole_lgoo300 (1/13/15) It’s official, in another example of Merlin being very uncreative they have named the new Gardaland coaster: Oblivion: The Black Hole, ripping off not just one, but two classic Alton Towers ride names in the process. Given the orange arrow theme the entire teaser campaign has been using, the Oblivion part was expected by many.
    The new B&M Dive Machine will feature 6-across trains, drop 42.5 meters down at 85 into a dark tunnel before blasting out the other side at approximately 100 km/h to complete the rest of the coaster’s layout of twists and turns before returning to the station.
    (12/31/14) A new collection of Dive Machine construction site pictures from Gardaland can be found over at RollerCoasterRevolution this week.
    (12/28/14) A picture of the first train car we’ve seen for the new 2015 Dive Machine at Gardaland can be found at this week. The report goes on to say that they believe the coaster may try to use the same “Oblivion” name as B&M’s first Dive Machine at Alton Towers, as they have been using the orange color scheme and downward pointing arrow since the start of their teaser campaign for the ride, but I think I might be a bit surprised myself if they simply called this one Oblivion, instead of something slightly different. Of course, it wouldn’t be unheard of for Merlin to use the Oblivion name and add an extra word on the end as they did with Nemesis and Nemesis: Inferno.
    (12/16/14) Today we take a look at the latest construction pictures from Gardaland of their new B&M Dive Machine coaster. Speaking of which, haven’t we waiting long enough? Isn’t it time they give an official name to this thing already? After all, the track is now fully installed it seems, as you can see a video of the last piece of track being installed below from Airtimers.

    (11/19/14) Work has been progressing on the new dive coaster at Gardaland, with the top of the lift hill and vertical drop now in place, standing 42.5 meters tall, as big as a 15 story building. Meanwhile Operation Orange is still in full effect, with new developments to the story added to the website. It is all in Italian, but there is a button in the upper right to add English subtitles, where the story is making it sound like the coaster is being unearthed, like some discovered piece of ancient technology.

    (10/22/14) The latest construction pictures of Gardaland’s new Dive Machine can be found at RollerCoasterRevolution, where they appear to be putting in the vertical dive element.
    (10/15/14) A new construction video with interviews in Italian and English showing off the new Gardaland Dive Machine coaster has been posted by our friends at Parksmania.

    (10/10/14) A few new construction pictures of Gardaland’s Dive Machine coaster have been posted on RollerCoasterRevolution this week, giving us a peek at the ride’s lift hill now rising into the sky.
    (10/9/14) I’m not sure how accurate this video is, but apparently a fan made video showing off a prediction of Gardaland’s new dive coaster is said to be quite close to the final design.

 2014_0918_Gardaland1   (9/19/14) New pictures from Gardaland show off track being installed for their new mystery coaster, as well as a shot of that strange Operation Orange structure within the park, with two guards and strange smoking rocks within. Keep an eye on the park, as the coaster should begin to start going up very quickly now. 2014_0918_Gardaland2
    (8/30/14) I’m still surprised no one has figured out the name for Gardaland’s new Dive Machine yet… or at least come up with a nickname for it in the meantime. All we know so far is that it will somehow involve the color Orange (despite the track being white) and is linked to strange orange swirling portals in the sky. Yeah… not sure what to call it either. One reader suggested Agent Orange… but I think I’ll pass on that name. Orange Crush maybe?
   Anyway… a good set of new construction pictures, some taken from within the trench, have been posted to RollerCoasterRevolution this week.

    (8/28/14) Gardaland and Parksmania have posted an official construction video showing off the work site for the park’s new 2015 coaster. The video is in Italian, but there are English subtitles.
    Gardaland has also reported a landmark moment took place earlier this week with the “laying of the first stone” for the attraction, which was a large bright orange brick.

    (8/25/14) A reader sent in a detailed video showing off the construction progress of Gardaland’s new Dive Machine coaster. Check it out below!

    (8/6/14) The latest construction pictures from Gardland can be found at RollerCoasterRevolution. Footers have been poured and work is well underway on an interesting new building structure that doesn’t appear to look like your typical coaster station.
    (7/30/14) I’m told that all the coaster track for the 2015 Dive Machine appears to be on site at the park now. And a large orange box structure has appeared in the park that says Operation Orange with on the side,which opens up an interesting animated teaser site for the new ride, followed by a news report showing an orange portal that has opened in the sky over the park. (Hit the slider in the top corner to get English subtitles.)
    (7/17/14) The latest construction pictures from Gardaland showing off their new B&M Dive Machine coaster track on site can be found here.
    (11/4/13) According to a new Dive Machine style coaster is on the way to Gardaland in 2015. They expect it to be around 42 meters (138 feet) tall. Since Gardaland is owned by Merlin, who just built Krake at Heide Park in 2011, I would expect that the two rides might share some similarities in terms of size and layout. For example Krake stands apoximately 41 meters tall (134.5 feet) tall and was the first “D6” Dive Machine layout, featuring narrower 6-across seat trains which allows B&M to use the cheaper standard sized B&M track scale instead of the more beefy Dive Machine track used for Oblivion, SheiKra and Griffon which offer trains that seat 8 or even 10 riders wide. If I had to guess, I’d expect to see another D6 Dive Machine format here as well.


Future Projects - Confirmed - (3/8/07) Blackstone / Merlin Entertainment confirmed that in addition to future growth plans that include building a second hotel at the park, they also are looking at building a small indoor Legoland themed attraction.


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