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Park News - (10/30/21) Jumanji Characters Help Set First Stone For Jumanji - The Adventure
    (9/7/21) The park’s Ramses: The Awakening dark ride was unexpectedly closed back in June to make way for a new attraction in 2022.


icon_STOP2022 - Jumanji The Adventure - (12/16/21) Video footage showing off construction of the Stone Giant animatronic figures coming for the new Jumanji: The Adventure ride at Gardaland in 2022 can be seen below.

    (12/1/21) A new video showing off the construction progress of the new Jumanji attraction coming to Gardaland can be seen below. Lots of work still to do, including the removal of the old attraction name from the front of the building.

    (10/30/21) Gardaland sent out a video feature showing off the placement of “the first stone” for their new Jumanji - The Adventure themed attraction, opening in 2022. The first stone gets set with some help from a few characters from the world of Jumanji, who I can only suspect may return next year as walk-around characters for the land around the new ride.
    According to the press release the new attraction will represent an investment of over €20 million to open the world’s first Jumani themed attraction. “We believe that this new dark ride for families and teenagers will be welcomed with great enthusiasm by both domestic and International visitors who return every year to discover and enjoy Gardaland’s exciting novelties. The great success – globally and in Italy - of “Jumanji” guarantees the excitement that only this brand is able to create."
    “On board a jeep-shaped vehicle, visitors will experience the jungles of Jumanji and will make their way through dangerous animals, obstacles of all kinds and a powerful stone giant, who will try to stop them in every way possible. It will be a race against time, with the crucial goal of bringing back the sacred jewel to the fabled shrine, thus saving the world of Jumanji.”



    (10/24/21) Gardaland (a Merlin park) has announced that the park has signed a deal with Polin Group’s Futura Form division. Founded in 2012, Futura Form provides production, design and project management as well as producing a number of products from composite materials.
    In the same announcement the park also confirms that Jumanji The Adventure is coming for the 2022 season, the world’s first Jumanji themed ride, in a partnership with Sony Entertainment. Jumanji The Adventure is described as a family friendly dark ride that “will take guests on a journey through the jungle, encountering a variety of pitfalls, surprises, and dangers.”
    Little more was given about the details of the new attraction, but this seems to confirm the previous rumored posted on Screamscape, which listed Jumanji as the theme of a new family coaster experience that would take the place of the park’s closed Ramses dark ride and feature indoor and outdoor sections.
(9/7/21) Screamscape sources tell us that Gardaland in Italy may be looking into adding a new Jumanji themed ride for the 2022 season, most likely a small themed family roller coaster experience. According to our source it may be from Zierer and be similar to Huracan at Bellewaerde Park, with a small minimal indoor themed area and outdoor unthemed track sections.
    Look for the new attraction to take the place of the now closed Ramses: The Awakening dark ride that was unexpectedly closed back in June, and they expect that the Egyptian themed facade will be reworked to have a new Jungle theme. The proposed timeline will see the early pre-work finished by October and installation of the new roller coaster track and supports to start immediately afterwards.
    However, don’t expect an official announcement about what is coming to take place until closer to December. With another rumored top secret Jumanji themed attraction also set to be built for the 2023 season at sister park, Chessington in the UK, they are unlikely to be in any hurry to release the details about Gardaland’s project until work is well under way.



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