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in Orlando and Kissimmee, FL


Park News - (10/23/18) MidwayMayhem posted a new video from Fun Spot America where they took a test ride on the new “Sky Sled” option from Ride Entertainment that lets you ride in an entirely new posture on the world’s tallest Skycoaster. Based on the crazy new POV videos… if you thought riding the Skycoaster the normal way was freaky… this takes it to a whole new level.


2018 - Nothing is known at this time...



FUN SPOT ATLANTA (Fayetteville, GA)

2019 - Riptide - (12/12/18) Fun Spot America - Atlanta has confirmed on their Facebook page that they are adding Riptide, which appears to be a Mack Matterhorn style flat ride, though I could be wrong about the manufacturer. This appears to look like a clone of the Riptide ride from Playland Castaway Cove in New Jersey, unless they have sold their ride to Fun Spot. You can see a video of the Playland ride embedded below as well.




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Newest Developments
2017 - Mine Blower

2016 - Crazy Couch, Head Rush 360

2015 - Space Invader & GatorSpot

2013 - Freedom Flyer, White
Lightning, 250 ft Skycoaster




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