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icon_STOPPark News - (7/4/16) An incident took place at Frontier City a few days ago where the Silver Bullet coaster came to a stop at the top of the lift hill, just before the train was preparing to drop. Rescue crews were brought out to help remove riders from the train, where some of the cars had already past the end of the staircase and removing them was not as simple as just letting them walk down the stairs.
    Of course the later is exactly what happened at Six Flags over Texas on Shockwave on the same day I believe, that caught the media's attention unfairly, as those riders simple just walked down the stairs when the safety system triggered and shut down the ride. In the case of Silver Bullet at Frontier City, the coaster shut down after a power glitch triggered the automatic E-Stop. Everything happened just as was planned, and the ride safely shut down when it detected the brief loss of power to the park.


2016 - The Gunslinger - (5/16/16) A couple of pictures showing Frontier City testing their new Gunslinger ride were posted on Twitter over the weekend. Check it out!
    (4/19/16) CoasterChitChat has an update on thenew Gunslinger flat ride (Zamperla Power Surge) coming to Frontier City from Magic Springs. Construction is still underway and it will be another couple of weeks before the new ride is ready to open.
    (1/28/16) Ok... forget what I said yesterday, as I've now been corrected by a couple of other sources who pointed out that my original rumor was the right one, and that The Gunslinger (Zamperla Power Surge) ride coming in 2016 is indeed the Wild Thang from Magic Springs. In fact, I'm told that Wild Thang has already been removed from the park for transport to Frontier City... so if it hasn't arrived yet, it soon will.
    (1/27/16) According to what I’m told, while Frontier City did use a picture of Magic Springs’ Wild Thang in their promotional announcement for The Gunslinger, the park will be getting a new ride and not the Wild Thang.
    (1/22/16) Frontier City


has confirmed that The Gunslinger is coming to the park in 2016. Gunslinger will be a Zamperla Power Surge ride with a western theme that will spin 24 rides at a time around in three different directions at once, up to 60 feet in the air.
    (1/13/16) Frontier City has posted an interesting hint to their Facebook page today, showing off one of the old giant pistols that used to be mounting to the park's Swinging Six Gun ride that I believe was removed in 2008 to make way for the Steel Lasso coaster.
    (12/23/15) While it has been a week with no new rumors about what Frontier City planned to replace the park’s old Enterprise ride with, we have now been told that they did investigate the Huss 2G Enterprise concept, but in the end opted to go in a different direction.
    (12/16/15) Screamscape has been informed by the Central Plains Coaster Club that Frontier City has removed the Rodeo Round Up (Huss Enterprise) attraction and is planning on adding something new to that location. The timing is interesting, as Huss did announce the launch of three new Enterprise models back in June (G2, 2GH, and 2GH-Plus) as both new and replacement / upgrade options for older rides.


2016 - Barefootin’ Bay @ White Water Bay - (2/1/16) White Water Bay (Oklahoma) has announced that they will remodel the Kids Kove area into Barefootin' Bay for the 2016 season. You can find the announcement on their Facebook page.



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