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and White Water Bay
Oklahoma City
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icon_STOP2015 - BRAIN DRAIN - Confirmed -


(5/13/15) Frontier City has posted an open invitation to the park's Media Preview for the new Brain Drain ride to all valid Roller Coaster Club members (ID Required) and they can also bring along 1 guest on Thursday, May 21st from 1pm to 5pm. In an attempt to poke a little fun at Six Flags, the ad points out that not only will Brain Drain be open ("this ain't a coaster") but they will also open "ALL REAL roller coasters" for your enjoyment as well.
    Check out the official invitation for the details and a laugh.
    (2/19/15) It’s official! Frontier City has announced the park will add Brain Drain for 2015, a 7-story tall Larson Super Loop flat ride.

    (2/18/15) Frontier City has updated their Facebook page with a picture of a large blue balloon floating in the sky over the railroad tracks. This looks like a height check style balloon and it has a large question mark on it as well. Though the posting says, "Well... It was a cOOl idea while it lasted!" So is the site ok... or does this mean there is a problem? Hmmm...
    Meanwhile they also posted a picture of someone covered up entirely by hula hoops as well. Another Super Loop hint?
    (2/17/15) A reader who drove by Frontier City the other day reports that Mindbender appeared to have been put back together, so looks like it wont be removed just yet.
    (2/13/15) So is Frontier City adding their own Larson Super Loop ride for 2015?  This very well could be the case as all of the park's posts to their Facebook page yesterday included large upper-case O's in place of lower-case o's. If that isn't a hint about a large "O" shaped attraction coming to the park, I dOn't knOw what else wOuld cOnvince yOu...
    (2/2/15) A reader reports in that while purchasing their season pass to Frontier City the worker informed them that a new ride would be added to the park this season. They have not been told what it is yet, only that a new ride is on the way and will be announced very soon. Considering that Premier Attractions Management added a Larson Super Loop to Elitch Gardens last year, and is working on adding one to Darien Lake this year, I wouldn't be surprised if they doubled their order and will add one to Frontier City as well.
    Possibly on a related note, our reader noticed that the Mindbender (Chance Inverter) ride is currently in pieces. It may just be getting a refurbishment... but the site could possibly be reused for a Larson Super Loop as well.



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