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Park News - (6/15/15) I had not heard about this before, but apparently the HERO coaster at Flamingo Land (A Zamperla Volare flying coaster) has been closed since May 22 after a guest was hit in the head “by a footrail” while waiting in the queue. The “footrail” in question is the ladder-like railings that guests step up on while loading into the car in the station before it closes up into the normal flying posture. Somehow it broke free from one of the coaster cars in mid-flight, and actually struck more than one guest on the way down.
   The ride reopened this week, though the safety investigation is still ongoing, after the park had completed a list of preventative actions given to them by the Health and Safety Executive.


2016 - Nothing is known at this point in time, nothing was added in 2014 or 2015 either.


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