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Abu Dhabi, UAE


Park News - (1/27/17) A quick note about Ferrari World from a recent park guest. I'm told that the restraint system used on the Flying Aces (Intamin) coaster is currently in the middle of being replaced. The old over-head lap-bar system is being replaced by Intamin's soft over-the-shoulder strap system, with the conversion said to be complete on one train, and work about to begin on converting the other. Why the switch?  I don't think there was any one incident or anything, but it sounded like a few too many guests were leaning over and being thrown sideways harder than anticipated through the aggressive high-g lateral maneuvers, so the new restraint belts will help keep the rider's upper bodies in the center of the seat as intended.
    On an interesting side note, our reader claimed to have seen what appeared to be new black colored coaster track sitting out next to the Flying Aces coaster. Can anyone else confirm, or know what this might be for?
    (4/17/16) According to some early industry rumors Ferrari is looking to possibly develop yet another Ferrari theme park that could set up shop somewhere in North America. This would follow the opening of Ferrari World in Dubai and the Ferrari Land park being added onto PortAventura in Spain, and intent to open a third Ferrari park somewhere in China was also just announced within the past few weeks.
   The exact location isn't known, thought the project would likely be somewhere in the United States, though that presents itself with some difficulties as the market is fairly saturated already in most locations where a park would perform well, and locating a site to build a project of that magnitude can be like finding a needle in a haystack. Still, there are locations where the amusement sectors is still under-served, or where a smaller new attraction could do well in an existing and mature market under the right circumstance. Las Vegas always comes to mind myself as a place where the Ferrari name could anchor itself and get a good public response, perhaps copying the more indoor concept of the original Abu Dhabi location, but with the added benefit of bringing in some gambling revenue and perhaps even offering driving school style attractions for adults in real Ferrari cars.
    (3/20/16) According to a news report from Italy, Ferrari has signed a preliminary deal with Beijing Automotive and Biac Enternaland Property to build another Ferrari World style theme park in China.


icon_STOP2017 - Mission Ferrari (SFX COASTER) & Turbo Track / Vortex (Shuttle Coaster) - (4/4/17) It looks like Turbo Track at Ferrari World has opened... and while our friends at BlooLoop have posted a more detailed article about the project, it was the video of the ride experience itself making test runs last week that caught my eye on Facebook at the time.
    The only problem is, the video didn't catch my eye in a good way. In fact, the entire experience looks a bit slow and awkward to me. Maybe it rides better than it looks, but I'll let you all decide for yourselves. Just watch the video embedded below.

    (1/23/17) A local news article talks about Turbo Track (formerly Vortex), the next new attraction slated to open at Ferrari World on March 27th. This new shuttle coaster attraction will feature both forward and backwards facing seats and shoot riders through a tunnel and up into the outside air through the large central glass funnel in the middle of the park where the track will rise 62m into the air before falling back down again.
    Three more attractions are also slated to open later in 2017 - a new Ferrari driving simulation that will actually open in February, a "one of a kind" coaster project (which I believe is the SFX Coaster project that has been called Mission Ferrari previously), and then they mention another unknown new attraction that is described by saying that it "will go beyond Ferrari World boundaries".
    By the end of 2017 they claim the park will have 39 attractions overall, up from the 24 they had when it first opened.

    (11/24/16) Due to a request from Ferrari World, I was asked to remove the three photos posted in the March 23rd update showing off the construction of the Mission Ferrari SFX coaster project interior, shot by a park guest from a public space when the door to the area was left open. Sorry.
    (5/5/16) A new construction update from Ferrari World can be found at, and while it starts off with a look at the park's new cute dark ride, Benno's Great Race, you've got to scroll down to check out the pictures of the park's new SFX coaster under construction that is now expected to open in 2017.
    Then there are new photos of a second "shuttle" style coaster opening in 2017 nearby, but the interesting thing is that this coaster will apparently shoot out through the glass in the center of the park where they used to have a G-Force drop tower. If I had to guess, the ride will likely climb up a tall track spike in the center of the park here, but just how high it will go is anyone's guess.












    (3/23/16) A reader visiting Ferrari World this week noticed the work doors on Mission Ferrari, the park's new SFX Coaster attraction, were left wide briefly and took the opportunity to grab three quick pictures. As you can see the track inside has not been completed yet, though there is quite a bit of it all twisting around in there, including a vertical loop inversion. Combined with the exposed track inversion we've seen before, we know there are at least two inversions.
    (11/27/15) A reader sent in a HUGE collection of coaster construction photos shot this week at Ferrari World showing off the progress being made on the three new coasters they are adding at the same time... the big Flying Aces outdoor one, the SFX coaster (mostly hidden inside a structure) and the odd new shuttle coaster project. Check them out below.
    (11/26/15) Some great new pictures of Ferrari World have been posted to Twitter lately, showing off the construction of their new coasters. For example, this photo shows off track for what is said to be their new SFX coaster in the foreground, meanwhile track for a new Intamin shuttle coaster is under construction in the background.  You can get a better look at the shuttle coaster track being installed in this second photo as well.
    (10/29/15) A strange picture posted to Twitter from VHCoasters showing off new coaster supports and a large red piece of track set up at Ferrari World that is expected to be part of the park's new SFX coaster project.
    (5/7/15) The description on RCDB for the park's SFX Coaster lists a number of LSM launch moments, 3D screens, a drop track, tilt track and possibly inversions during the new indoor/outdoor attraction from Dynamic Attractions. The site also has labeled the coaster as being called Mission Ferrari, but that is incorrect, as the name was used for one of the park’s new live action shows.
    According to a rumor I've heard, the new SFX coaster will being replacing the park's odd-flume ride concept, V12: Enter the Engine, which is no longer listed as one of the park's attractions.
    (12/30/14) VHCoasters have posted some very interesting photos this week, showing off the track under construction for the new Dynamic Attractions SFX Coaster ride coming to Ferrari World. The track is really unlike anything I’ve ever seen before, featuring almost Intamin like flat track sections mounted to a Triangle shaped spine-box. They also have a peek at what appears to be a possible layout for this coaster, which will feature some interesting track switch elements and an inversion or two.
    (11/20/14) Word from the IAAPA show floor is that Ferrari World is adding a Dynamic Attractions SFX Coaster for a future attraction, a similar ride concept to the one used by Universal Orlando for the Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts ride.


icon_STOP2018 - New Attractions - (5/9/17) According to this new article about the future of Ferrari World, in addition to the new attractions opening this year they have confirmed that the park is planning to open four new attractions in 2018 for younger guests. As part of the overall development and expansion of the Yas Island attractions area, Miral also reported that they are looking into the development of a Skytram transportation system that will link all the area attractions together.
    (1/23/17) In an article about the park's 2017 additions they mentioned that in 2018 the park will add 4 more new attractions that were described as being "mostly attractions for children."




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