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Park News - (1/20/15) According to this article Aldar Properties PJSC will repay the remaining $272 million due on a Ferrari World loan-debt before the end of the month in an effort to cut back on their debt levels.
    (11/12/14) Ferrari World  has opened two new live shows at the park, a secret agent themed show called Mission Ferrari and and Viva Ferrari. The later is a musical dance show where two actors perform in front of a large projection screen backdrop. The Mission Ferrari show is 8 minutes long, but takes place with the performers hung horizontally on a 16-meter video wall that serves as their background.
    (9/18/13) ThemeparX has posted a new piece of artwork showing off the layout of the proposed second Ferrari World theme park in South Korea. Unlike the original Ferrari World, the majority of the Korean version would be outdoors. The layout includes water rides, what appears to be a clone of Formula Rossa, another dual track racing coaster similar to the Fiorano GT Challenge coaster and much more. One more item I see is an interesting looking tower with spiral track running around it, which makes me wonder if this might be the Polar Coaster or the more mild Sky Spiral attraction concepts on display at the S&S booth at IAAPA last year, a partnership project between S&S Worldwide and US Thrill Rides.


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One of our readers took a picture late last month showing off some new construction taking place just outside the Ferrari World theme park. Could this be for the rumored SFX Coaster project maybe?
    (12/30/14) VHCoasters have posted some very interesting photos this week, showing off the track under construction for the new Dynamic Attractions SFX Coaster ride coming to Ferrari World. The track is really unlike anything I’ve ever seen before, featuring almost Intamin like flat track sections mounted to a Triangle shaped spine-box. They also have a peek at what appears to be a possible layout for this coaster, which will feature some interesting track switch elements and an inversion or two.
    (11/20/14) Word from the IAAPA show floor is that Ferrari World is adding a Dynamic Attractions SFX Coaster for a future attraction, a similar ride concept to the one used by Universal Orlando for the Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts ride.
    (6/24/14) Ferrari World is planning a major expansion of the theme park that will see 7 new rides added over the next three years. According to this report the plan to add new rides will increase park capacity by 40%, though three of these new seven attractions will apparently be existing rides that will be modified in some way. New live entertainment options will also be added in the form of “street entertainment” and seasonal shows.




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