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Late 2016/2017 - Universe Big Wheel VR - (12/1/16) According to this news report Everland in South Korea is opening their giant wheel... kind of... but not really. Huh? 
    I really wasn't aware of this, but apparently Everland closed their Universe Big Wheel attraction back in August 2010. I'm really not sure why they've left it up to sit and rot all these years, as apparently they have no plans to actually reopen it... ever.  So instead of demolishing it, or fixing it, they've opted for Option C... which involves allowing guests to sit in the four cars closest to the ground wearing VR Goggles which will then simulate the experience of the giant wheel actually rotating once again.
    While I'm not against adding VR to the occasional attraction as a new enhancement, adding VR to make a closed attraction seem like it is running again is simply... in a word...  lazy.  This is akin to having Disneyland decide they don't want to pay the fuel costs or Skipper labor to run the Jungle Cruise anymore and will instead let guests sit in a still boat and put VR goggles guests running a simulated Jungle Cruise experience instead. Sounds really lazy doesn't it? 
    This isn't the first VR attraction in the park, as the report mentions they have already added VR to the Thomas Train family attraction as well as having opened a "4-dimension VR experience hall".


icon_STOP2017 - Robot VR - (3/27/17) Everland in South Korea will open a new VR attraction called Robot VR, which mixes Samsung Gear VR headsets with a robot arm holding a line of six seats with over the shoulder restraints to toss the riders about during the simulated experience aboard a giant robot.




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