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Denver, Colorado (Abbreviation: EG)
Known at Six Flags Elitch Gardens (1999 - 2006)
Owned by CNL Lifestyles Properties
Managed by Premier Attractions Management


icon_STOPPark News - (2/13/15) According to Screamscape sources, the Huss Top Spin ride at Elitch Gardens (otherwise known as Shake, Rattle & Roll) will not be returning to the park this season. Apparently the ride is in bad shape, but will probably sit SBNO (Standing, But Not Operating) for most of 2015 until the park figures out a new plan for the location.
   I’ve also been informed that the wait times for Tower of Doom will be a little longer this year, as one of the tower's three sides has a problem, and may be closed for most of the 2015 season as well.
   The good news is that the park apparently does have a plan to add “something” new for 2015… but considering how long they have waited, it most likely won't be anything very large. Stay tuned!
    (2/2/15) A reader informed us that Elitch Gardens has removed the Shake, Rattle and Roll (Huss Top Spin) ride from the list of thrill rides on their website for some reason. Normally this is a sign that either a ride is about to be removed... or sometimes it's just a website glitch. So far, I'm told that the ride is still standing within the park however, so we'll have to wait and see.
    (7/30/14) A quick note was sent in by a local area reader to say that Half-Pipe was up and running once again at Elitch Gardens, which is great to hear. Unfortunately, they also reported that the ride seemed abnormally rough for some reason as well, so maybe they haven't quite got it up to 100% quite yet.


icon_STOP2015 - New Attraction - Under Construction - (2/18/15) Screamscape sources have confirmed that Elitch Gardens is indeed getting a new waterpark attraction, but apparently that isn't all. If things work out the park may be adding another new attraction by the middle of the summer, but that deal isn't 100% confirmed just yet.
    (2/17/15) This is just entirely a thought on my part, but I do have to wonder if the new project under construction at Elitch Gardens may be a copy of the Brain Drain waterslide just announced for Darien Lake. This would be a pair of high speed twisting 333 foot long drop slides that start things off by loading you into an SkyBox chamber before opening a trap-door under your feet.
    Why would they get a copy of this? Simply because the same buying more than one of the same attraction can get you a discount, so just as the same management group is expected to be buying two more Larson Super Loops this year for their other parks, I an see them buying more than one set of waterslides as well. Just something to think about. I’ve added a video showing off the new Darien Lake slide below.






Construction has now begun at Elitch Gardens, with excavators now digging up a site near the waterpark, close to the Tube Tob slide on the back edge of the park. Given the location, I can only guess that the park's 2015 attraction is going to be some kind of new waterslide. Thanks to one of our readers for sending in the construction photos as well as a small piece of the park map with a gold star making off the location of the project.




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Elitch Gardens
Denver, Colorado

Abbreviation: EG

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2014 - Brain Drain

2013 - Blazin’ Buckaroo

2012 - Tube Top, Rockin’ Tug
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2009 - Survivor: Live

2008 - Ghost Blasters

2007 - Rip Qurl




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