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Denver, Colorado (Abbreviation: EG)
Known at Six Flags Elitch Gardens (1999 - 2006)
Owned by KSE Elitch Gardens / Reversco / Second City, LLLP.
Managed by Premier Attractions Management




icon_STOP2016 - Internal Improvements - (8/29/16) Lots of troubles at Elitch Gardens as of late it seems. According to a report sent in to Screamscape the park's Brain Drain, Halfpipe and Disaster Canyon rides are currently closed and possibly could remain closed for the rest of the season. While the first two have been waiting for some time now for new parts to arrive in order to repair them, I'm told that a major malfunction of a water pump on Disaster Canyon shut it down last week and caused some more severe damage that will have to be addressed.
    (6/22/16) Good news from Elitch Gardens... I'm told that both Halfpipe and Mr Twister reopened over the weekend.
    (6/1/16) According to our local source, Mr. Twister II is still down for unknown reasons. I'm told that after the winter rehab, they believe it actually opened for guests for a weekend or two before it shut down again, and all has been quiet on the ride ever since. The lift hill is not running and no one has seen anything being worked on, so clearly there is some kind of issue with it, but no one seems to know what.  Anyone know more or can shed light on how long it will sit closed?
    (5/25/16) Is something wrong with Half Pipe at Elitch Gardens once again? Yes, and according to sources the ride has not only not opened for the 2016 season, but the train isn't even on the tracks and was spotted backstage mostly under a tarp.
    In other news, Mister Twister II is also not yet up and running. They performed a pretty good rehab of it over the winter, so no word on what may be holding them back from opening it. Anyone know more?
    (4/14/16) One of our local area readers has sent in a great detailed report about the off-season maintenance that has taken place to Mister Twister II this year, along with some stunning photos.
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    "Mister Twister II has received new layers of wood throughout it's course every off season since 2011. Some areas were complete stack, to top 3 layer replacement. There is one particular area of high speed high lateral stress that received the top layer replacement two seasons ago. Last season it was clearly visible that the track here was lifting off the headers. This off season the complete track and some headers were replaced from the pullout of the first drop up to the second turnaround. The new track is complete. As of4/7/2016 trains are being put back on track. No testing has begun yet."
    (3/8/16) Screamscape sources tell us that Elitch Gardens will not be adding a new attraction for the 2016 season. Instead they will focus on fixing up their infrastructure, along with a remodel of the bath house in the waterpark, revising the main gate with new turnstiles and metal detectors, fixing up Mr. Twist II and more.



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Elitch Gardens
Denver, Colorado

Abbreviation: EG

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