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icon_STOPPark News - (9/21/16) AusParks reports that Dreamworld has begun testing a VR Coaster experience on the park's "Mick Doohan's Motocoaster" ride. So far this is just the test and they have not announced an official opening date for the VR experience.
    (4/19/16) According to the local news a man fell out of the log ride at Dreamworld somehow, cutting his head along the way and nearly drowning in the water before he was rescued. He is now recovering in a nearby hospital. The ride is currently closed while they investigate just how he fell out into the water.


2016 - Hot Wheels SideWinder - (1/11/16) Dreamworld opened their new "Hot Wheels Sidewinder" themed roller coaster ride along with the rest of the new "Motorsports Experience" themed area to the public just after Christmas. An interesting thing about the new coaster is that along with the new train, they added an on-board audio system to go with it. A recording that claims to be of the new audio track has been posted to YouTube. You can also find a few pictures posted to AusParks.
    (12/21/15) I'm told that the name for Dreamworld's rebranded Arrow looping coaster has been slightly changed. It will now be called Hot Wheels SideWinder when it opens again on Boxing Day (December 26th) instead of Hot Wheels Hot Lap.
    (10/26/15) Dreamworld has announced that their Cyclone roller coaster (Arrow) will be re-themed in January to have a Hot Wheels theme and be renamed as the "Hot Wheels Hot Lap" rollercoaster. The coaster will also feature new trains with "racing-style harnesses" and fake steering wheels according to the update posted to Ausparks. Next door the park will also open an Australia motorsports museum display as well as six top of the line racing simulators, and a new restaurant to be called Grid Bugers and Sports Bar.


icon_STOPFall 2016 - NEW Tiger Island - (9/16/16) AusParks reports that Dreamworld will reopen the all new Tiger Island this Sunday. The attraction has been closed for months to receive a $7 million refurbishment that includes a new restaurant called the Island Noodle Hut, a retail store, a stadium with 500 covered seats, underwater viewing areas and more.
    (2/23/16) AusParks reports that Dreamworld's Tiger Island attraction will soon close for refurbishment in March for three months to bring the area back up to standards and make it suitable for the two new15-week old white tiger cubs the park has just acquired.


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