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icon_STOPPark News - (7/7/17) According to a pic posted by Dorney Park Haunt on Twitter, it looks like Club Blood may return for this year's Haunt, but now "Under New Management".  Hmmm... but if the Vamps are out... who's moved in? Werewolves maybe?

    (5/2/17) Dorney Park is already teasing a new haunted attraction is on the way to Halloween Haunt this fall. According to pictures sent in from opening day, the former Mansion House Hotel haunt will be the sight for this all new haunt. According to the sign out front, "The Exposition Begins September 15".



    (9/6/16) Dorney Park To Add 2 New Rides, a Show and More in 2017 (MORE...)
    (8/13/16) Based on the photo of the Haunt Hearse parked in front of Dorney Park it looks like 8 of the 9 haunts from last year will return for 2016, with the only one missing is The Asylum. There are two new mystery stickers on the back of the Hearse this year however with giant "?" on them... one of which kind of looks like a UFO to me. We'll have to wait and see what these new haunts will be.


2017 - Kaleidoscope and Dodgem - (1/11/17) Dorney Park's Mike Fehnel posted a great picture on Twitter showing off the progress of the park's new Parkside Pavilion as the steel structure was being put into place for the new special events building.




    (11/19/16) Good news for Dorney Park as the South Whitehall Township Planning Commission has given final approved the park's plans to add the Kaleidoscope (Troika) and the Dodgem bumper cars which will go into a new 2,500 sqft building.
    (9/6/16) Signs showing the location of Dorney Park's two new rides were sent in this weekend by a reader.
    (8/18/16) Dorney Park will add two new rides, new live entertainment and other improvements for the 2017 season. New for 2017 will be the return of bumper cars to the park in the form of Dodgem, which will be located next to Talon. The other new addition will be Kaleidoscope (a Troika flat ride) that will be added to the main midway.
    Also new for 2017 will be Parkside Pavilion, a new catering facility available for corporate, church and other group outings to the park, able to accommodate groups of over 2000 guests.
    Dorney Park will also be the next to get Cirque Imagine, a great 30-minute live show featuring several Cirque du Soleil style performance acts featuring aerialists, balancing acts, bikes and trampolines.
    The Wildwater Kingdom experience will be enhanced with the addition of 17 new cabanas available for rent and an assortment of new food and beverage offerings at the Sunset Beach Bear (including a full-service bar for adults).


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