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Djurs Sommerland



icon_STOP2014 - Land of Vikings / Dragon Ship - (12/2/13) Djurs Sommerland has also confirmed that the new Viking theme land will have two Heege tower rides (the kind you pull yourself to the top with a rope) called Vikingetarnet (Viking Towers). The park will also incorporate the existing canoes, Pedal Boats and Family Bicycles into this new land as well. Look for the new land to open on May 10th, but the new Dragon Ship isn’t expected to open until June 5th.
    (11/29/13) Djurs Sommerland will add a new swing ship ride for 2014 called Dragon Ship. It will be part of a new 20,000 square-meter Viking themed area. The ship will be decorated with carved dragon heads, Viking sails and shields and installed over a 9,000 square-meter lake. The park’s existing Thor’s Hammer coaster will also be made a part of this new Land of the Vikings. Promotional artwork for the new Dragon Ship can be seen at the Facebook page of CoasterClub Denmark.




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