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Outside Paris, France
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Walt Disney Studios Paris: Ride Rehabs - The following information is not guaranteed to be 100% accurate.
CineMagique - NOW CLOSED through to at least Late 2018 or beyond
Studio Tram Tour - Jan. 8, 2018 through Feb. 9
Crush’s Coaster - Apr 2018 through June 2018 (Planned)
Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster - May 2018 through TBD


icon_STOPGeneral Park News - (11/15/17) I'm not quite sure what to make of this, but according to Loopings, Disney may have sent a Vekoma a request for a quote to build a clone of the Tron Lightcycle Power Run coaster at Shanghai Disneyland for one of the Paris parks. Vekoma denies it of course, because it really has no choice if the news is true due to confidential NDA agreements.
    If true... it would seem to be something that would fit into the Walt Disney Studios Paris theme park more than Disneyland Paris. One other rumor however did suggest that the ride system was once pitched for use, rethemed as a Captain America themed motorcycle ride instead... which does make the future of the Studios park even more interesting, especially as a timeline is said to be under discussion to turn the local Tower of Terror into another Guardians of the Galalxy - Mission: Breakout!
    (11/10/17) A video showing off a preview performance of the new Goofy's Incredible Christmas show that will start at Walt Disney Studios Paris this Saturday, was posted to Disney and More this week, showing off the projection effects on that park's Tower of Terror, which is also enhanced with live performers on a stage out front. Check it out.
    (12/1/16) Disneyland Paris released a new press release regarding The Season of The Force event coming from January 14 through March 26, 2017 at the Walt Disney Studios theme park. The event will include "Star Wars: A Galactic Celebration", a new night show "set to be a breath-taking spectacle of light and sound featuring projections and special effects, along with many more surprises. Heroes from the world of Star Wars, such as Chewbacca and R2-D2, as well as the likes of Kylo Ren, Darth Maul, Darth Vader and many more, will be there in person, to the great delight of guests. Iconic characters from the Empire, the First Order and of course the Resistance will all make an appearance on stage, adding an incredible dimension to this show that pays tribute to the Star Wars saga through its heroes." Other featured entertainment events will include the "First Order March" and "Stormtroopers Patrol", and "Star Wars: A Galaxy Far, Far Away"
    (8/25/16) DLPToday has confirmed that a "Star Wars: Season of the Force" event is coming to the Disneyland Paris resort in early 2017. Since Star Tours is still closed for it's upgrade to the new version of the attraction the event will take place at the Walt Disney Studios park.
    The lineup mentioned so far includes various Star Wars themed shows and events (live and projection) but nothing in the way of themed attractions. Of course I've been hearing rumors of a Hyperspace Mountain overlay being planned for the Orlando version of Rock 'n Roller Coaster for some time now, so it would make sense to clone their efforts for Paris as well if the Orlando version comes to pass. We'll have to wait and see.


Late 2017/2018 - Revised Studio Tram Tour - Planned - (1/28/15) Disney & More reports that the Studio Tram Tour could be rebuilt with a new station further back to allow for more park expansion, as well as add new additional scenes to the tour, all coming as early as 2017 or 2018 if approved.


Aprox. 2018 - Toy Story Midway Mania / Pixar Studios - Planning – (1/28/15) Disney & More reports that we can look for Toy Story Mania to open at the Walt Disney Studios Paris park as early as 2018.
    (11/24/14) A long term plan is said to be in the works to expand the Toy Story Playland area with a few new attractions, add a version of the Toy Story Midway Mania interactive dark ride, and transform have a Pixar Studios themed area take over the Animation Courtyard area.


icon_STOP2019 - Guardians of the Galaxy - Mission: Breakout! / Tower of Terror - Rumor - (10/6/17) It's no secret that the transformation of the former Twilight Zone ride in Disney California Adventure into a new Guardians of the Galaxy themed attraction has been a huge success for the company. Complains aside from die-hard Twilight Zone fans, I've heard so many comments since it opened from various readers and guests about how fantastic the Guardians version is... even going so far as to say that it far outshines the Tower of Terror version.
    So with this in mind, there have been numerous rumors claiming that it was only a matter of time before Disney decided to do the same thing to the Paris version of the Tower. According to a new posting from WDW News Today, they claim to have heard that the current Tower of Terror attraction in Paris could begin some exterior transformation work as early as March 2018 and close entirely in September, in order to reopen in Spring/Summer 2019 as Guardians of the Galaxy Mission: Breakout!
    If anyone else could quietly confirm this news with me as well I'd appreciate it, but as WDW News Today also mentions, this transformation also comes along with the benefit of having a Halloween version of the attraction all ready to go as well, as we have seen currently at DCA with Guardians of the Galalxy - Monsters After Dark.
    This makes sense it seems as if Disney is attempting to keep Star Wars and Marvel themed attractions in different parks going forward and putting Marvel themed rides in Walt Disney Studios Paris would follow suit with how they are developing the properties into the two California parks.
    BACKBURNER: Not currently planned, but if the California transformation proves successful, it is likely this could also come to Paris in the future.
    (3/22/16) A new Marvel themed project that many will find quite shocking is in the works... and it involves putting a Marvel theme over an existing Disney icon style attraction that has a lot of fans. Rumors of this are already starting to spread, and according to my sources the rumor has moved into discussions about parks that are quite simply not involved yet, or were not really ever intended to be involved. So what is it?TZ_GuardiansOfTheGalalxy
    What would you say if I mentioned that a Guardians of the Galalxy themed retrofit of the existing Tower of Terror attraction had been pitched as a possible new Marvel themed attraction concept for Disney California Adventure and the Walt Disney Studios Paris parks?  While you are picking up your jaw off the floor, yes... this is a real proposal. But that's it at this point... just an idea being proposed as a way to quickly add a Marvel attraction to DCA in time to take advantage of the Marvel Phase 3 film slate.
    How will the Tower be rethemed to fit Guardians of the Galaxy? I really don't know... though the one theory that I've heard seems to try to use The Collector character (Benicio Del Toro) in a similar fashion to Lord Henry Mystic from Hong Kong Disneyland's Mystic Manor. Guests, passing through a vault of The Collectors' rare artifacts disturb something they shouldn't that sends them on a wild adventure.
    Again... this is all just a proposal, and from what I'm hearing the concept has been pitched as both a permanent change as well as just a temporary overlay over the existing attraction.
    Unfortunately the rumor mill got a hold of this way too soon, and have already started to spread rumors of the concept taking over the Florida Tower of Terror which is mechanically very different from the others and has evolved over the years into serving as the virtual icon of that entire park. In addition, many would be quick to point out that the Tower of Terror represents what many feel is the pinnacle of WDW attraction design. Now, this isn't to say that WDW doesn't know about the plan, as they do, and I'm sure they too have played the "What If?" game to see what would happen if they jumped on the bandwagon. So while anything is possible... this was not the original intent. Nor was sticking another clone in Tokyo DisneySea for that matter. So for now... this is all we know, and nothing has been decided anywhere for any attraction. It's just a proposal, so put away the torches and pitchforks for now.


Through 2022 - Marvel Super Heroes - Planning – (11/24/14) Another long term plan for the Studios park is to bring the world of Marvel Comics to life, taking over the park’s current Backlot area. We’ve already seen them bring a Spiderman meet & greet area into the park, and the next phase may be a highly themed dedicated Marvel character Meet & Greet area that could take over the building where the Armageddon attraction currently is. Beyond that, look for Rock ‘n Roller Coaster to possibly be rethemed to tie into to the Marvel Universe somehow and the entire area around this end of the park slowly transformed into an entire Marvel land by approximately 2022 along with a second rumored roller coaster style ride of some kind. Currently it doesn’t seem like there is any plan to bring a copy of the Iron Man ride going into Hong Kong to Paris however as it is deemed too similar to Star Tours 2. (Of course, many people said Universal would never bring Transformers to Orlando with Spiderman next door because they used the same ride system, but they did and both attractions are extremely popular with park guests, so never say never…)


???? - Pandora: The World of Avatar - Rumor - (11/24/14) Rumor has it that if the Avatar themed land going into Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park in Florida works out, Imagineering is looking to possibly add a small version of it to Walt Disney Studios sometime in the future. At this rate however, I wouldn’t look for anything like this to happen until well after the Orlando version has opened and had time to work out any kinks.



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