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----    THE LATEST BUZZ    ----
    (3/20/14) Maleficent Sneak Peek Trailer Coming to Disney California Adventure (MORE...)
    (3/18/14) Planes Evicted From Soarin' (MORE...)
    (2/15/14) A Warning about Soarin' over California (MORE...)
    (1/17/14) Disney California Adventure to Celebrate Lunar New Year (MORE...)

Ride Rehabs - The following information is not guaranteed to be 100% accurate.
Blue Sky Cellar - NOW CLOSED through 6/30/14
Ariel’s Undersea Adventure - NOW CLOSED through 5/9/14
It’s Tough to Be a Bug - 3/31/14 through 4/18/14
Grizzly River Run - 4/21/14 through 6/19/14


icon_STOPGeneral Park News - (3/20/14) Starting on April 18th, a special sneak peek trailer for the new Maleficent feature film will be shown to theme park guests on both coasts. In California it will be shown in the Bug’s Life theater at Disney California Adventure and in Florida it will be shown in the ABC Sound Studio theater at the Disney’s Hollywood Studios theme park. Maleficent opens in theaters on May 30th, so I’d expect to see these special preview showing to continue on until then.
    (3/18/14) Screamscape sources tell us that the pre-show video footage at Soarin’ Over California has been restored back to the previous version, removing the 2013 version with the Planes characters flying across the screen.
    (2/15/14) Guests should be forewarned that while Soarin’ over California remains open, the ride is said to be running at half capacity while the theaters are being refurbished one at a time. The expected wait time once inside the building is said to be just under an hour, so don’t be deceived by the look of a short line outside the building.
    (1/17/14) Disney California Adventure will celebrate the Lunar New Year at the park from Jan. 31st to Feb. 2nd, from 11am to 5pm each day at the Paradise Gardens. According to the Disney Park’s Blog, “a Chinese dragon dance troupe, lion dancers and Vietnamese and Korean dance groups will join Disney characters like Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Chip ‘n’ Dale, Mulan and Mushu in Paradise Garden for the celebration. Guests will also have the chance to make their own paper lanterns, discover their Zodiac animals and more.”
    (11/19/13) Westcoaster provides us a great look at the new World of Color: Winter Dreams show now playing at California Adventure which looks fantastic.
    (10/18/13) Two new breakfast cones have been scrambled up at the Cozy Cone in Cars Land this week according to the Disney Parks Blog. Check out the new Chorizo and Eggs Cone or the Southwest Scramble cone here.
    (9/16/13) Remember those rumors claiming that Disney would somehow add a little bit of Planes themeing to the Soarin’ ride in the future?  Looks like they did it… as several of the characters from Planes are now seen buzzing through the clouds in the pre-ride queue video footage. You can check it out below.

    (9/12/13) Disney gives us a little sneak peek into the new World of Color - Winter Dreams edition this week, coming to California Adventure this holiday season. Should be a great holiday addition to an already fantastic show.

    (7/26/13) Steve Davison, Imagineering’s guru of all big night spectaculars has made a special announcement video today. An all new version of World of Color will be coming to California Adventure later this year for the winter holiday season called Winter Dreams. It will feature all brand new animation from films like Frozen to the expected Disney Classic and Pixar characters. Looks to be awesome… so you wont want to miss it. (Me? I’d be happy to see even regular World of Color with my own eyes since I haven’t had the chance yet…)



???? - Monstropolis / Door Coaster - CANCELED / INDEFINITE HOLD - Unfortunately the latest word from sources indicates that any possible plans for this project have either been canceled or put on indefinite hold.
(6/26/13) It appears that the Disneyland Resort is ready to push ahead with a Phase 2 renovation plan for California Adventure, with a focus on upgrading the Hollywood area of the park. The Screamscape spy network captured a great image this week showing several height check balloons lifted above and around the park’s Stage 17 building. The structure was originally built to house the “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire – Play It!” attraction and currently is now only used for Special Events.
    As our readers know, the site in question is also being eyeballed to be home to a new Monstropolis themed area, complete with the rumored ‘Door Coaster’ inspired by the finale of the Monsters Inc. film. The project was rumored to just be waiting to get the initial box-office results from the new Monsters University film which have been very strong, raking in $82 million in the opening weekend, making it the second biggest opening weekend in Pixar history, just behind Toy Story 3’s $110 million.
    So did Disney management give the final green light on Monstropolis this week? Quite possibly… and based on the height of those balloons, we could be looking at good sized building, big enough to house an indoor coaster perhaps. Stay tuned!
    (6/17/13) With all the focus on what may be coming to Walt Disney World in the next 5 years (Avatar, Cars Land, Star Wars Land, etc…) it seems the proposed Monsters Inc. “Door Coaster” attraction concept is still said to be in development as the next big custom E-Ticket ride for California Adventure. From the sound of things Disney may only be waiting for the initial box-office results from the new Monster’s University film to come out before giving the final green light for the project. I don’t have a timeline for it yet, but with a rumored new Soarin’ over the Horizon film expected to replace Soarin’ over California sometime in 2016, the Monster’s ride would likely try to open a year before or after it… so 2015 or 2017 perhaps. Of course, is the movie’s box office is disappointing or a better idea comes to light, the Monster’s attraction could simply be filed away once again for another time, as Disney seems to be juggling a lot of potential projects right now, including ideas for the long proposed 3rd Park down the street.
    (4/15/13) The latest rumor posted to MiceChat in the last week claims that the projected attendance levels expected to swamp Disney California Adventure over the next several years may be close to convincing management to fund a massive Phase 2 expansion plan for DCA.
    As we all know the Hollywood area of the park was pretty much left alone, other than running the new trolley car line through the middle of the tree. This new plan could see MuppetVision 4D and the former Who Wants to Be a Millionaire building (Stage 17) removed to make way for a major new Monsters themed E-Ticket ride.  Yep… the are now looking at building that indoor Door Coaster ride project once proposed for Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Florida. The existing Monsters Inc. dark ride next door would remain, and they could rethemed this back area as a sort of mini Monsters land. If approved, this could see the light of day by 2016.


2016 - Soarin’ Over the Horizon - Rumor - (7/26/13) I’m not quite sure how true this is, but according to one possible source the new Soarin’ 2 ride (aka: Soarin’ Over The Horizon) may borrow a little technology from the Star Tours 2 project. This would be more than the switch over from Imax film to Digital (each has it’s own merit), but a switch to digital would also allow for the possibility of using a randomizer to include different possible ride scenes to be shown during each visit.
    Now while I can’ verify that this will happen, the simple fact that there are really far too many incredible places in the world worth Soarin’ over, more than would easily fit into a quick 5-6 minute ride film, this would be a great way to add them all into the mix of possible locations. In fact… they could even incorporate some of the great scenes from Soarin’ over California into the mix, ensuring that some of the existing ride lives on into the next generation. 
    However, I’ve always have one major complaint about the Soarin’ ride setups in California and especially in Florida at Epcot. The line is always… ALWAYS… way to friggin’ long! This is because Soarin’ only has two theaters, and I think it really should have had 3 or 4 to keep the line moving. If they do add this random scene concept, creating an even bigger urge for guests to ride this over and over they are really going to need to add two more theaters somehow. Lets hope they are looking into it at least in Florida because I don’t think they have the room to do anything in California.
    (7/17/13) According to what I’ve been told, if Disney were up “upgrade” the Soarin’ ride system to use a 4K style digital projection system, it would actually be a downgrade from the current resolution achieved with the current IMAX film system used for Soarin’. From what I’m told, there really is no digital projection format yet that could replace the image quality achieved from IMAX.
    (7/14/13) Disney and More has posted some great news this week about the future of the Soarin’ rides at California Adventure and Epcot. While the new Soarin’ Over The Horizon ridefilm is still expected to launch at both parks in 2016, they report that both of the US Soarin’ ride systems will receive projector system updates in 2014 that will bring the ride to life in new vivid HD style clarity. I’m guessing they’ll be upgrading the system up to the new 4K style projection systems.
    As for the new ride film coming in 2016… while there will probably be a few more changes this new global Soarin’ concept is expected to shoot new aerial scenes in England, France, Italy, Egypt, India, China, Japan as well as in new locations in the USA like New York City and in the Grand Canyon.
    Disney and More goes on to guess about the possible filming locations, but that is all just speculation. Some are obvious as any filming in India would likely involve the Taj Mahal and any footage of Egypt would have to include the massive Pyramids. Make the jump to see what world icon’s they think would be ideal in each location.
    (5/22/13) After doing a little more digging about the concept of the blending the Soarin’ Over the Horizon ride concept with the new Planes movie, I realized one very important thing. The two concepts, while being slightly complimentary, are materially foreign enough to each other to keep any kind of Planes theming down to a minimum. In other words... IF there is any kind of true Planes tie-in at all made there, look for it to be restricted mainly to the queue and pre-show experience.
   After all, the entire point of the Soarin’ ride is to show us REAL footage of the beautiful sights, landmarks and wondrous natural terrain of the earth itself. If the ride concept were suddenly given a full treatment to become themed to the world of PLANES (which is really the world of Pixar’s CARS) then the ride film would have to be computer animated and show off the false landscapes as seen in the films, rather than the majestic real-world scenery that we enjoy in the current version of Soarin’.
   That news should make a number of people feel more at ease about the concept of the next Soarin’ ride, which would essentially sideline any kind of PLANES themeing to serve as pre-ride entertainment in the queue or hosting for the pre-show safety videos instead. Of course, we’re talking about something that isn’t expected to hit the US parks until 2016... and unless PLANES is a huge hit, or something worthy of it’s own sequel or ongoing TV series on the Disney Channel, the general public might have forgotten entirely about it by mid 2016... nearly 3 years after the film hits the silver screen.
    So in other words… the chances of a Planes / Soarin’ crossover are not very good at all.
    (5/20/13) Disney & More reports that the top secret new version of Soarin’ opening at Shanghai Disneyland in 2015 is expected to be called Soarin’ Over The Horizon, essentially a Global version of the Soarin’ concept featuring famous icons and landcapes from around the world. This same new ride will also come as an update to the existing Soarin’ rides at Epcot in Walt Disney World and to Disney’s California Adventure at the Disneyland Resort in 2016.
    That said… there may be a slight twist to this entire plan as new details about the upcoming PLANES animated film are slowing comingout. The film, once planned as a direct to DVD spin-off from Pixar’s Cars films was upgraded to a full theatrical feature film release last year. (It is also interesting to note that PLANES is from Walt Disney Animation and not Pixar.)  The story behind PLANES involves air races at famous locations all around the world… a storyline that might tie in nicely with this new Soarin’ ride concept as well.
    On another front… they also report that the new WDI Twister Ride Patent discovered earlier this month also seems destined to be used with a theme that ties into the Planes movie as well. (Of course, one of our readers also suggested that the Twister Ride system would also be a good one to be used for a Star Wars themed version of ride system… with alternating X-Wings and Tie Fightered themed cars I hope… giving you the ability to try and target the car ahead of you for points.)

    (10/22/10) Disney and More has an interesting article about the long rumored, Soarin’ over the World attraction, a follow up to Soarin’ that would feature international locations and expand the ride’s use beyond the American parks and into Disneyland Paris, Tokyo Disney and possibly beyond. \




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