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Buffalo, New York (Abbreviation: DL)
Known as Six Flags Darien Lake (1999 to 2006)
Owned by EPR Properties
Managed by Premier Parks, LLC


Park News - (10/4/17) I’m not quite sure what happened yet, but the various local news agencies reported that some guests were injured on the Silver Bullet ride (an Enterprise) at Darien Lake over the weekend. Based on some reader comments to when I posted this article to our official Screamscape Facebook page shortly after it happened (and why are you not following Screamscape on Facebook yet?) it reported that the Silver Bullet is a fairly rare find, a Heintz Fahtz Enterprise and not a Huss or Schwarzkopf version, so this one is a little different than others you may have ridden.
   As you can see in a video posted on Twitter from a guests phone, it looks like the ride was slowing down to a stop while the main arm was still holding the wheel in the air, so the lack of centrifugal force was not keeping the rider pods in the correct position, causing much swinging about. The cause isn’t known yet, but according to a statement from the park this was not a mechanical error and after inspection they reported that the Silver Bullet would be up and running again the next day. With that in mind, I’m wondering if this was caused by the press of an E-Stop by an operator or something.



icon_STOP2018 - Tantrum - (4/3/18) Darien Lake tweeted out a picture of the first shipment of steel for their new Tantrum coaster arriving at the park on March 30th.

    (11/15/17) Ride Entertainment and Darien Lake have confirmed Tantrum will be the name of the park's newest roller coaster coming in 2018, a Gerstlauer Euro-Fighter design.

DL Tantrum Teaser from Darien Lake on Vimeo.

    (11/11/17) According to this update, the local planning board had submitted a recommendation to approve the new Darien Lake coaster project after reviewing the plans. The Darien Town Planning Board will next meet on Nov. 20th to make a final vote on the plan.
    (11/4/17) Darien Lake's new proposed 2018 attraction is apparently a compact Gerstlauer Euro-Fighter coaster with a vertical lift hill and a beyond-vertical first drop. The local news got a peek at some proposed artwork showing off such a coaster proposed to the town, which would also take the place of the park's Thunder Rapids log flume. So yes... yet another log flume is being retired this year in what is now an ongoing epidemic it seems.
    As for the layout itself... while this could just be a temporary layout, what they are showing appears to be identical to the Iron Shark installed to the Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier which stands 100 feet tall, 1,246 feet long and hits a top speed of 52mph.
    (10/30/17) According to the local news Darien Lake will receive just over $360,000 in sales tax abatements as part of an incentive plan for a $4.5 million capital investment into the park by the owners. While nothing has been announced yet, the new attraction is said to open for the park's 2018 season. Anyone know more about what this new attraction might be?
    (6/21/17) Screamscape was sent an interesting rumor about the future of Darien Lake this week. According to our source, the park may finally be working on building a new steel coaster for the park, to open as early as the 2018 season. If the rumor holds true, I’m told that the coaster would come from a German manufacturer (which more than likely points to Mack Rides or Gerstaluer), feature 3 inversions, and possibly take on some kind of niche-record. Anyone know more?




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Darien Lake
Darien Center, New York
- near Buffalo

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