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HengQin Island, Guangdong, China
Official Website


Park News - (4/10/14) Chimelong Ocean Kingdom has been awarded with five Guinness World Records following the park’s official opening ceremony held on March 29th. The park is now home to the World’s Largest Aquarium, the World’s Largest Aquarium Tank, the World’s Largest Underwater Viewing Dome, the World’s Largest Aquarium Window and the World’s Largest Acrylic Panel.


icon_STOP2014 - New Park - Now Open w/ Limited Attractions - (5/22/14) A new set of pictures from Chimelong Ocean Kingdom can be found at ThemeparX this week, which includes a look at the new “Ice Coaster” and a huge new whale shark in the aquarium.
    (3/28/14) More pictures from the fun looking Chinelong Ocean Kingdom theme park have been posted to TheThemeParkGuy.
    (2/17/14) While the new Walrus Splash Mack SuperFlume ride at Chimelong Ocean Kingdom hasn’t opened to the public yet, it seems that they were able to mount a camera to one of the boats and post a complete POV trip through the park’s huge new flume ride. You will notice at one point it goes into a tunnel where there are glass panels covered with white plastic, which is where I believe riders will be given a future view into a yet to open animal exhibit area.

    (2/5/14) The first trip report from the new Ocean Kingdom park in China has been posted to Theme Park Review. Be sure to check it out, the park seems to have some very nice themeing and unique looking attractions. A shame they all aren’t open yet, but it wont be much longer. Be sure to read the text review at the top as well for comments about some possible roughness issues with the park’s B&M Wing coaster, Flying over the Rainforest.
    (1/30/14) ThemeparX reports that Chimelong’s new Ocean Kingdom theme park is now open, though apparently many of the park rides are still closed, so this may be considered more of a soft-opening.
    (1/24/14) What may be the first POV video from the new Flying over the Rainforest coaster (B&M Wing Coaster) at Ocean Kingdom was posted to YouTube the other day. You can check it out below!

    (1/3/14) New pictures of the park’s B&M Wing Coaster and some incredible looking themeing that has been built at Ocean Kingdom (China) can be found at CoasterFriends.
    (10/7/13) China’s “Hengqin Island” is being looked at as a possible site to become China’s own version of Orlando… a tourism resort destination complex starting with the Chimelong Hengquin Bay resort hotel. This $5 billion resort complex will feature a roller coaster, indoor waterpark, as well as a huge whale shark exhibit, all just outside China’s ultra-popular gambling city of Macau. According to the article, while Macau is very popular as the only legal place to gamble in China, it is also very overcrowded. Hengqin Island is said to be an easy 10-minute drive from Macau (via underwater tunnels), where the Chimelong resort area will function as a more relaxing resort alternative to the busy Macau area. By 2016 Hengqin Island will also be connected to Hong Kong via a new bridge, along with expanded rail service options. This resort seems to be part of the Ocean Kingdom theme park project. You can see pictures of the park and resort under construction at Themeparx.
    (8/19/13) More new pictures from the Ocean Kingdom park construction site in China can be found here.
    (8/15/13) Great new progress photos of the new Ocean Kingdom park in China were posted to ThemeParx a few weeks ago. While some of the ride hardware was on site before, some amazing looking themed building structures are now rising up around them all. Check it out!
    (6/3/13) New construction pictures from China’s Ocean Kingdom park have been posted to ThemeparX this week including a peek at a massive hotel resort building under construction that you’ve got to see.
    (5/23/13) According to this news report China’s new Ocean Kingdom theme park on Hengqin Island, near Macao, is nearing completion and should open sometime this Summer. The unique theme park will be China’s first to combine themed entertainment, shows and rides with animal exhibits. One of the park’s massive undersea exhibits will contain a whale shark, with plans to eventually house up to 10 of them in the future.
   For the thrill ride fans, we’ve been covering the construction of several of the park’s major attractions to date, including a Mack Watercoaster and Supersplash ride. According to the article, the park’s B&M Wing Coaster will be themed as a giant parrot flying through a rain forest... thus explaining the name of the ride, “Flying Over the Rainforest”.
    (4/3/13) Coaster-Net reports that B&M’s new Wing Coaster going into China, known as Flying Over The Rainforest at Ocean Kingdom, will feature the first “watersplash” element seen on a Wing Coaster. Since the description of the element placed it in the middle of the ride instead of the end, I’ve got a hunch that this may be more of a special effect ‘splashdown’, much like Manta at SeaWorld Orlando, and not a true splashdown as seen on many B&M Dive Machines as well as Dimondback at Kings Island.
    (10/19/12) New pictures from Ocean Kingdom show that the Mack water rides now appear to be fully built. Click here.
    (8/20/12) VHCoasters has posted new pictures of Ocean Kingdom in China going vertical at last. Two of the Mack water coaster rides can be seen going up. One appears to be a Mack SuperSplash, haveing a turntable before the final drop and a basic layout very similar to the Journey to Atlantis ride at SeaWorld Texas.  The other may end up more similar to Poseidon at Europa Park. Meanwhile the B&M track on site for the green Wing Coaster is still sitting undisturbed for the moment.
    More pictures and concept artwork can also be found over at including a shot of one of the flume’s final drop, plunging between two giant stone Walrus heads.
    (7/9/12) The Ocean Kingdom park under construction in China has released a new piece of artwork showing off what the park will look like when finished, which can be seen at VHCoasters. They also report that any sign of a proposed wooden coaster for the park seems to have vanished in the latest revision. RCDB has also removed any mention of the wooden coaster as well.
    (5/23/12) Yet another B&M Wing Coaster has been discovered under construction, this one in China as part of the new Ocean Kingdom park. While the pictures of the track arriving for the unnamed coaster posted to RCDB show off green track, this the picture of the label shows that this is not the same project as the other green Wing Coaster coaster track spotted at the Ohio plant earlier this month, as it has a different job number. RCDB lists three other rides for the park, a wooden coaster, a Mack Water Coaster and Mack SuperSplash.





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