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HengQin Island, Guangdong, China
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Park News - (2/2/15) A great video showing off both on-ride as well as a complete POV on-ride experiewnce of the Polar Explorer Mack coaster/flume ride was posted to YouTube last week. It is interesting to see how some sections of the ride really do appear to be well themed, especially in the water flume section, which passes through a bear exhibit with live animals as a special feature, but all this great themeing seems to have been forgotten for the most part when the rides goes into "coaster" mode behind the giant fake mountain facade for brief moments before splashing down once again up front. Fortunately these moments are brief. Check it out below.
    If you want a little more, I also came across a POV of the park's Parrot Coaster, a new B&M Wing Coaster design that soars around a mostly lush green landscape, along with a couple of drops into underground tunnels.



2017 - Nothing is known at this time, though the park just opened in 2014, but I don’t believe they have added anything since.





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