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Chessington World of Adventures
United Kingdom (Abbreviation: CWOA)
Merlin Entertainments Group


Park News - (7/23/16) Chessington's more famous classic themed dark / flume attractions, Professor Burp's Bubbleworks, will be closing down in September (after 26 years) to make way for something new. You can see a POV video of the attraction itself below and you'll notice that one unique feature for this ride is the fact that riders are seated in round boats that can freely spin throughout the ride experience.

    (4/26/16) ThemeParks-UK has posted an update about the new Long Term Plan posted for the future development of Chessington: World of Adventures. The plan includes the possible development of a new family coaster, safari themed attractions, up to 45 safari themed lodges and more. Follow the link to read their rundown of what the future may hold.


2017 - Gruffalo River Ride Adventure - (5/16/17)  A reader sent in some great pictures showing off the new Gruffalo dark ride that just opened not long ago at Chessington. Enjoy!








    (3/21/17) ThemeParks-UK reports that the new Gruffalo River Ride Adventure at Chessington has now opened. You can catch a video of the new dark ride down below.

    (1/1/17) Chessington has confirmed that The Gruffalo River Ride Adventure will be opening at the park in March 2017, in addition to new retail and food sites and a character meet and greet area. New "Gruffalo" themed rooms will also be available at the Chessington Safari Hotel. The Gruffalo character quietly arrived at the park in October, leading to speculation that it may be used as the theme for the new attraction that would replace the park's old Bubbleworks ride that had just closed the month before.
    According to ThemeParks-UK, the new Guffalo River Ride Adventure will indeed be a re-purpose of the old Bubbleworks ride system, though they say that the entire ride experience around it will be changed for this all new ride.
    (10/24/16) According to ThemeParks-UK, the children's book character known as The Gruffalo, has now made an appearance inside Chessington World of Adventures in statue form on the Wild Wood lawn area. The sudden and unexplained appearance of the character has been taken as a sign that perhaps The Gruffalo will be the theme of the new ride taking the place of the closed Bubbleworks dark ride.
    (7/23/16) It was mentioned that the park is closing the Bubbleworks dark ride in order to build a new attraction in 2017. It isn’t known if it will be a brand new attraction from scratch or if they are looking to simply remodel the Bubbleworks ride into something new. Stay tuned...


icon_STOP2018 - Mystic East Area Update - (9/12/17) According to this article, Chessington is submitting plans to refurbish the park’s Mystic East area. The plans will see many current features removed (including a nearby Ferris wheel) and the construction of three new tiger enclosures that will be built around the park’s existing Dragon Falls ride. The ride itself will be rethemed slightly as well, with the landscape of the final drop designed to look like a giant tiger head, with the boats dropping out of the tiger’s mouth. I’d expect to see the ride get a new name as well once this is done, as the article also suggests something along the lines of ‘Tiger Falls’.



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