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Sandusky, Ohio (Abbreviation: CP)
Cedar Fair Entertainment





icon_STOPPark News - (3/16/18) Details on how you can try to be one of the first riders on Steel Vengeance on April 27th are now posted on the park's website. This is being done as part of a Fist Rider Benefit program, with proceeds going to The LeBron James Family Foundation. The first tickets go on sale March 19 and start at $75.
    (3/9/18) A list of new food and entertainment options coming in 2018 at Cedar Point was posted to USA Today. The list includes several new options in the Frontier Trail area like: Frontier Foldovers (the former BBQ Shack), Sidewinder Sue's (twisty fries with meat and chili), Miss Keat's Smoke Shack with new menu items, Roundup (near Maverick w/ a new burger menu). On the entertainment side look for Gossip Gulch's new stage next to Roundup, Lusty Lil's French Review in the Palace Theater, the Vertical Impact acrobats and dancers in Celebration Plaza, Snoopy's Dog Days of Summer show on the Main Midway with the Peanuts gang and much more.
    (3/8/18) Cedar Point has increased their ticket price for the 2018 season by about $5, with the gate price for your average adult ticket rising to $72 in addition to $20 for parking. That said, as always, discounted offers for advanced ticket purchases made on their website are your best bet rather than waiting until you arrive at the park.
    (2/14/18) Lighthouse Point Expansion Confirmed... click here to see more.
    (1/18/18) A reader sent me a fun throwback video link for Cedar Point fans, which taught me something that I never knew. Apparently the tunnels on Magnum XL-200 had a sound-effects track playing in them when the coaster first opened in 1989. You can now give a listen to what they sounded like, when recorded from the ground. I wonder if Cedar Point still has the master audio tracks and could someday restore some of the audio effects? Of course the audio may have simply been dropped as it could have been impossible to hear due to the roar of the train.

    (12/30/17) Well well... looks like Cedar Point is getting into the Sandusky real estate game as of late. According to the local news the park has purchased 8 separate pieces of property around town over the last few weeks, spending $1.27 million on 6 of the properties alone. Of course the park has nothing to say about what they are up to, and the local news hasn't identified the addresses of all the sites, but they say that the majority of the purchases are located between the 1700 and 1800 blocks of Cleveland Road (U.S. 6) near the Thirsty Pony, including the large empty Herman's Furniture building. From the look of things, most of the new property is located just on the other side of Cedar Point Drive from the Castaway Bay Resort area (also on U.S. 6) that they already own.
    Another piece of property purchased however is a bit further away along the end of 2nd St, which I believe butts up against one of Cedar Point's giant employee housing dorm complexes, so perhaps some kind of employee housing expansion is in the works. (If I'm not mistaken this site is known as "The Commons")
    (10/25/17) Cedar Point has confirmed that as of now the park's Sandcastle Suites Hotel (at the tip of the peninsula) is now closed for good. Over the winter both it and the Breakwater Cafe next to it will be demolished. Why?  They aren't saying, though I would suspect they may have plans to build a bigger and better resort on the waterfront property.
    The park also confirm that the Extreme Sports Stadium (formerly Aquatic Stadium) near Wicked Twister will also be demolished over the winter, freeing up the property for future expansion I suppose.
    The Cedar Point Boardwalk that runs from the Sandcastle Suites area down the beach to near Windseeker will be expanded so that the boardwalk will soon continue down to connect with the main parking lot providing better access to the beach and waterfront activities (parasail, jet skis, etc...) and better views of course.


icon_STOP2018 - Steel Vengeance - (4/20/18) Check out the new animated Cedar Point commercial for Steel Vengeance.

    (4/15/18) Want to see something amazing?  Then check out the video below to see Tony Clark and Jason McClure take on Steel Vengeance for the first time. Hold on to your hats, this is one hell of a wild and intense ride, as you would expect from Cedar Point.

    (11/11/17) Cedar Point has posted a new video "Scoop" video showing off the current progress on Steel Vengeance and reveals a bit more about what we can expect from the The Point's newest coaster experience.

    (10/4/17) A pair of new pictures posted to Twitter show off that the insane first drop is now in place on Steel Vengeance at Cedar Point.
    Wow... you're going to need new underwear after this one.

    (9/20/17) WildGravityTravels has posted a new update from Cedar Point showing off a little visit with the new Steel Vengeance coaster... both up close and after dark. Check it out.
    (8/28/17) Some fun new pictures of Steel Vengeance under construction taken during a hard hat tour have been posted to Wild Gravity Travels from this weekend.
    (8/17/17) Cedar Point unveiled the true form of their masterpiece creation yesterday afternoon under the name Steel Vengeance, and it is a site to behold, as the world's first Hyper Hybrid coaster. According to the story trailer posted on the website the three outlaws we've seen on the wanted posters were really outcasts that joined together to defeat the evil deads of Maverick by creating Steel Vengeance.
    This is one BIG coaster, standing 205 feet tall and with a 200 foot tall vertical first drop you'll blast at 74mph through 4 inversions along 5,740 feet of track... so yes... this version is even longer than it was when it was Mean Streak. Steel Vengeance will claim a number of records according to Cedar Point, though most of these would fall into the relatively new "hybrid" coaster record books:
1) World's tallest hybrid coaster at 205 ft
2) World's fastest hybrid coaster at 74mph
3) World's steepest drop on a hybrid coaster at 90
4) World's longest drop on a hybrid at 200 feet
5) World's longest hybrid at 5,740 feet
6) Most Inversions on a hybrid - 4
7) Fastest Airtime Hill on a hybrid - 73mph
8) Most Airtime on a hybrid - 27.2 seconds
9) Most airtime on ANY roller coaster - 27.2 seconds
10) World's first Hyper-Hybrid roller coaster
    Cedar Point is also claiming a few records for the park with this addition as well including most steel coaster track in a single park (57,865 ft), Most coaster track at one park (60,423 ft), Most Rides at one park (71), Most Coasters Over 200 feet at one park (6), Most Coasters with a first drop of 90 or more in one park (5).
    That's enough stats through, I know what you really want is to see this sucker in action and the videos (POV and Off-Ride) don't disapoint, so check them out below! Also take notice of the brand new RMC train design as well that will start in 2017.





icon_STOP2018 - Lighthouse Point Expansion - (2/14/18) Cedar Point has announced a bit about what will replace part of the former Sandcastle Suites Hotel that closed down for good in the fall. According to an email sent out to Cedar Point guests with reservations at Lighthouse Point,
    "In June 2018, we will open the new Ultimate RV Sites with Patios as part of an expansion to Lighthouse Point. We would like to offer you the first opportunity to purchase an upgrade.
    Each of the new full hook-up sites will feature a stylish, private patio area, dining table with chairs, built-in charcoal grill and fire pit with relaxing furniture. Four of the new sites will include a glider swing with views of Lake Erie. A new restroom facility and bathhouse will open adjacent to the expansion."
    They don't say how many of these new Ultimate RV Sites they will have, only that "availability for these new sites is extremely limited" and currently they are ONLY AVAILABLE as an upgrade option to guests who already have an existing RV site reservation. If the concept artwork is true to scale, it looks like the expansion will add about 24 spots and just take up the old Breakwater Cafe site and parking lot, leaving the rest of the old Sandcastle site available for future projects.


2018 - Hotel Breakers Expansion - (8/25/16) Cedar Point has announced plans to begin construction on an expansion to the Hotel Breakers, adding another 158 rooms to the resort. Construction will begin in September on a new six-story tower West of the main hotel, but the expansion wont be finished until 2018.
    (6/3/16) According to the local news Cedar Point submited plans to the local government for a 69-room expansion to their Breakers Express hotel which was approved. The plan is to turn the "U" shaped hotel into an "O" shaped hotel by filling in the opening at the far end. They say that was actually the original plan for the hotel in the first place years ago.


2020 - New Major Attraction - Speculation - (8/30/16) So when is Cedar Point planning to add their next coaster?  It’s a bit far out to know for sure, but 2020 seems to be a very likely date, as the park will be celebrating the 150th Anniversary of Cedar Point that year.



Track Record

Cedar Point
Sandusky, Ohio
Cedar Fair Entertainment

Abbreviation: CP

Tickets: as of 3/7/18
Adults (48” or over): $72
Parking: $20.00
Open: Seasonal May - Oct.

Fun Facts
 - During 2012 season The Point removed two coasters: Wildcat was removed entirely in May before the park opened for the season and Disaster Transport closed on July 29th.
 - The Space Spiral was also closed after Labor Day 2012, and demolished with explosives, dropping the tower like a massive tree onto the nearby beach.

Newest Developments:
2017 - Cedar Point Shores

2016 - Valravn

2015 - Rougarou & Hotel Breakers Refurbishment

2014 - Pipe Scream / Lake Erie Eagles

2013 - Gatekeeper

2012 - Dinosaurs Alive & Dragster H20

2011 - Windseeker

2010 - Shoot the Rapids

2009 - Starlight Experience

2008 - Planet Snoopy and Skyscraper

2007 - Maverick

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