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Charlotte, NC
Cedar Fair Entertainment



icon_STOPPark News - (3/23/15) I'm not quite sure what to think yet, but I'm hearing from others that Carowinds may very well be planning to remove Thunder Road at the end of the 2015 season in order to expand the waterpark for 2016. I'd hate to see the coaster go and I'm hoping the rumor is false, but just in case it isn't... you may want to be sure to get your fill of Thunder Road while you still can.
    (3/11/15) While this isn't technically Carowinds news, fans of the theme park should get ready to encounter a little more traffic on the drive in or out than they may have been used to in the past. The old "mall" that never quite found success that used to sit between the road into the park and the freeway has been long gone, but will be replaced this week with Charlotte's new Cabela's sporting goods store... a destination of it's own in many way to tourists and locals alike. Just a word of warning to keep your eyes open for new traffic patterns than what you have every experienced here before... especially as I know everyone's eyes will be drawn left and skyward to watch Fury 325 dance across the sky just as you pass Cabela's.
    Meanwhile, you may wonder what else the future holds for Carowinds after FURY 325? If you read all the way to the bottom of this article, Carowinds VP Mike Fehnel says that an announcement will come at the end of the season for a new "sizeable investment" plan in the park.
    (2/2/15) Carowinds has announced a new 2015 Events Schedule which has some interesting new special events coming this year. For starters, a new Spring event called Taste of the Carolinas will take place April 18 to May 17, where you can get a taste of the unique culinary arts from nine different Carolina regions every Saturday and Sunday. This will include Wild Boar Ravioli, Calabash seafood, local craft beers and wines nad much more.
    Other events on the 2015 Calendar include:
Spring Break - March 30 to April 12
Easter Eggstravaganza - April 3-5
JoyFest - May 23  (Gospel Music Festival)
Military Days - May 24-25, July 3-5 (Free Admission to military service men and women)
Harmony Hall Concert Series - Friday Nights from May 29 to Aug. 7
Rock the Park - June 13 (Rock & Worship experience)
Dive-In Movies - Saturdays from July 11 to Aug. 15 in the Boomerang Bay waterpark
Run and Ride - Sept 12-13 (Half-Marathon, 10k, 5k and 1-mile runs)
    (1/23/15) We didn't even get to the end of January and I've already got a nominee for one of the most whacked out and weird Amusement Park related stories of 2015. Case in point... a man and woman decided to break into Carowinds on Friday night. Park security was tipped off when they spotted their truck parked in the lot, and upon investigating they were shocked to find an 8-month old boy alone inside the truck. Within 20 minutes the couple returned to the truck to find security waiting for them and had them both charged for child neglect and trespassing.
    The news reports I've read didn't say what the couple did, if anything, once inside the park grounds, but the story does get weirder. When asked why they broke into the theme park the woman claimed that both Aliens and God directed her to come to Carowinds and break into the park. Well... she thought it was God leading her to Carowinds, but after getting there realized it was really Aliens who wanted her to leave her body behind and come with them. Yeah... Ummm... Yeah... kind of reminds me of that Heaven's Gate cult. I wonder if she was wearing Nikes. Thankfully the child was taken into protective custody.
    (1/12/15) Carowinds GM Michael Fehnel confirmed on Twitter late last week that the park's new SlingShot would be going in next to Vortex, the park's B&M Stand-Up Coaster. He even tweeted a picture of the early demolition work under way to clear the site.
    (12/16/14) Carowinds has confirmed the addition of a new SlingShot ride for the 2015 season. Riders loaded into a little pod will be shot up over 300 feet into the air at up to 60 mph before spinning and plunging back towards the ground again.


icon_STOP2015 - FURY 325 - Under Construction -  (3/26/15) A little thing called FURY 325 at Carowinds opened up for a media preview event to promote this massive new roller coaster and it is something to behold. You can catch a new POV run (followed by a reverse view) in the first video below followed by our friend Clint from In The Loop taking on Fury 325 in the next video. Our friend JohnnyUpsideDown was also on hand and has posted a good collection of still photos as well.
    From the look it is, Fury 325 is fast... wicked fast and doesn't seem to let up until it hits the brakes the end... helped by the fact that there is no mid-course brake run to ruin the fun along the way. Looks like Carowinds has not only a winner on their hands, but a world class ride people are going to travel from far away to ride. Bravo!

    (3/5/15) Congratulations to Carowinds for putting FURY 325 successfully through the first test run on Wednesday afternoon. Check out the full POV video of FURY 325 for the first time below and remember, it's only going to get faster as it breaks in!

    (2/24/15) Carowinds is putting the first seats on each of Fury 325's three trains up for auction. All proceeds will be donated to the Cam Newton Foundation. Bidding will take place through Sunday, March 15th for the rides which are currently scheduled to take place during the private media event on Wednesday, March 25th. Click here for details and to make a bid!
    Oh... and you want to see more of Fury, check out the awesome nighttime photos of the Fury 325 station as posted to Twitter by park GM, @Mikefehnel. There is some great green lighting on the station, including a cool green honeycomb style glowing entrance portals for the train, and the lift hill has a glowing green stripe almost the whole way up!
    (2/9/15) Carowinds has posted a fun time-lapse construction video showing off how Fury 325 was put together over the last few months.

    (2/2/15) Good news for the rabid Carowinds fans who can't wait to ride Fury 325... and final piece of track was lifted into place on Friday morning. If the weather and construction timetable hold out, we can look for Fury to be ready to take on all guests when the park opens at the end of March. You can see a video posted to Facebook showing off the final piece of track being put into place.
    (1/30/15) Carowinds reports that they will soon finish the track installation on their new Fury 325 coaster. The final piece is expected to go into place on Friday morning.
    (1/20/15) Our friends at In The Loop have posted a new video from a construction tour of the very muddy FURY 325 site, along with the unveiling of the front car of the train, a look in the pit where they will build a bridge to cross over the track, and at the new main gate area under construction. Plus they check out the site where the new Slingshot is going in.
    Still photos from the day can also be found at JohnnyUpsidedown, broken down into sections for the Park Tour and one just for Fury 325. Oh... and in case anyone is wondering, the planned media event to open the new coaster is set for 3/25 of course. How perfect.

    (12/30/14) Progress on Fury 325 is really moving right along, and All American Thrills is back with their drone-cam to show off the latest footage from the Fury 325 lift hill as the Travel Channel was on site filming as well from the top of the lift hill.

    (12/22/14) The latest aerial footage of Fury 325 was shot by All American Thrills this week. Check it out the video embedded below as well as a wonderful collection of stills posted to their website. Progress on FURY 325 is moving at an amazing pace as the second giant overbanked turn/hill is fully in place, the third hill is also in place with as the track is moving up into the tight-turn around element.

    (12/10/14) Some great aerial drone-cam showing the topping off of Fury 325 can be found below, or you can see some pictures posted to AllAmericanThrills.

    (12/3/14) Carowinds reports that the lift hill of Fury 325 is expected to be topped off this Thursday (weather permitting), making the massive new coaster officially 20 feet taller than the Statue of Liberty.
    (10/24/14) AllAmericanThrills came by Carowinds this week to shoot some drone footage of the Fury 325 construction site.
    (10/15/14) One of our local readers sent in some great pictures of the Fury 325 construction site taken this week. So far they seem to have the one piece of track up, but tons of supports in the area for the brake run, turn and run into the station area, so look for more track to go up very soon.

2014_1014_Fury325_site (1)

2014_1014_Fury325_site (2)

2014_1014_Fury325_site (3)

2014_1014_Fury325_site (4)

2014_1014_Fury325_site (5)

2014_1014_Fury325_site (6)

2014_1014_Fury325_site (7)

2014_1014_Fury325_site (8)








    (9/30/14) The official first section of FURY 325 track is now in place, with a photo of the action posted to Instagram by the park earlier today.

    (9/24/14) According to a post at CarowindsConnection, FURY 325 may not have a full mid-course brake in the middle of the layout, but it will feature a single magnetic trim break somewhere within the layout. The estimated time to go up the lift hill is 63 seconds, the ride will open with the same kind of seat-belt set-up that was added to Intimidator, and there will not be bins in the station for loose items, upcharge lockers will be set up near the ride’s entrance for this purpose instead.
    Meanwhile you can see another great collection of pictures taken during a tour of the Fury 325 construction site posted by out friend JohnnyUpsideDown.
    (9/2/14) AllAmericanThrills has posted some interesting aerial footage from Carowinds showing off the FURY 325 construction site, as shot by a drone-cam.
    (8/23/14) I’ve added more video links and some concept art (see below) for Fury 325 today, which should also give you a chance to see how different the park’s main entrance will look next season.
    The old style park entrance, along with the southern mansion building, will be removed for a new modern park entrance plaza that looks inspired by the new entrance built for sister park, Cedar Point, for the 2013 season.

    (8/21/14) BREAKING - Carowinds has confirmed their plans for 2015 at last and FURY 325 is the final name chosen for their new B&M Giga-Coaster. It will have white supports, Teal Swarm track with Stinger Green highlights, and as the name implies, stand 325 feet tall before dropping you down at an 81 angle and hitting 95 mph. Your 3:25 minute long ride will soar along 6,602 feet of track featuring a number of memorable moments, like a sideways turn while your 190 feet in the air, diving underground to go under a new guest entry bridge and a 111 foot tall airtime filled camelback hill on one of three 32-passenger trains.
    “Fury 325 will simulate the wild, daring and spontaneous flight of the hornet. The new ride will be visible from uptown Charlotte, renewing the park’s skyline and serving as a symbol of changes to come. Fury 325 is part of a planned $50 million dollar multiyear investment to bring new life to founder Pat Hall’s original vision for Carowinds. The park will be revamped from top to bottom to celebrate Carolina culture including new rides and attractions, signature Carolina food offerings and entertainment. Opening in Spring 2015, Fury 325 will be the centerpiece of a new 8.2 acre main entrance plaza that includes a state–of–the–art ticketing and season pass processing area and expanded guest service facilities.
“Starting with Fury 325, we plan to make Carowinds a destination for thrillseekers to celebrate the Carolinas,” says Mike Fehnel, Carowinds Vice President and General Manager. “The new ride will build on the heritage of the park, creating new memories and traditions for our loyal fans and future guests from around the world.”

    (8/20/14) It has been an interesting day. A reader sent in a graphic they found hidden on the Carowinds website that appears to be the final logo for the new coaster, using the Fury 325 name once again, but tying it in with the insect swarm theme that the park has been building up hype for on social media. Of course if you saw the Centurion logo the park also apparently leaked onto their site on purpose to mess with us coaster fans in early August, this could be Carowinds playing more games with us at the 11th hour. But with the announcement set to be made Thursday morning, it seems a bit late to play around. Plus unlike the more rough looking Centurion logo, I have to admit that this new Fury 325 logo looks very polished and slick.
    On top of everything, the first pieces of two-tone B&M track were discovered on-site a few hours ago as well, matching the two-tone pieces we posted pictures of from the track fabrication plant in Ohio.
    (6/17/14) Cedar Fair has filed for a new trademark this month for the name “FURY 325”.  It certainly sounds like a good name for a very tall coaster doesn’t it?  Following in the same fashion as “Intimidator 305”, the reports that Cedar Fair is planning a 300+ foot coaster for Carowinds in 2015, it very well could be named FURY 325 I suppose. This isn’t the first time Carowinds would have brought an attraction to the market using the FURY name, as they launched a much-hyped new haunted house for their SCarowinds event a few years ago that was simply called FURY.


icon_STOP2016 - Waterpark Expansion or Attraction - Rumor - (3/19/15) While it is too early to confirm anything, several different people sent in word that Carowinds is looking into a large possible expansion of their waterpark for the 2016 season. One that would see the waterpark spread over to the other side of Thunder Road, and make use of the never-used portion of Carowinds parking lot along-side the back end of the coaster.
    One person did claim to have heard Thunder Road may get the axe for this, but I highly doubt this after the park has spent millions over the last several years completely rebuilding much of Thunder Road over a multi-phase plan. It would be easier to follow the example of Kings Dominion and run a path under a section of the coaster to lead to more slides on the other side.
    (8/23/14) Carowinds dropped a new hint about what is in store for 2016... and it will certainly involve water. To quote park spokesperson John Taylor, "We look forward to making a bigger SPLASH next August when we gather again to announce our epic 2016 expansion plan."
    So will this be an expansion to the Boomerang Bay waterpark, or could this be a much needed new flume ride for the park? I'm hoping for the later, especially since the waterpark just added two new slides for 2014.



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