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icon_STOPPark News - (6/28/16) Canobie Lake Park has sent information about their 4th of July weekend plans. “To celebrate the Fourth of July weekend, Canobie will present fireworks choreographed to music over Canobie Lake on three evenings: July 2nd, 3rd and 4th, weather permitting. The sizzle continues all summer long with fireworks displays scheduled for each Saturday night through Labor Day weekend, weather permitting.”
   Also as part of their park’s SummahPalooza line-up of live entertainment: “The Las Vegas-style magic show, Magic Mayhem, opens on July 1st, and the Extreme BMX bicycle stunt show begins its run on July 2nd. Live shows lined up for the coming weeks include Extreme Chainsaw Juggling, The Incredible Acrobats of China featuring the New Shanghai Circus, The Great American Game Show and much more.”
    (6/17/16) Canobie Lake Park has announced that for Father’s Day Dad’s can visit the park for free that day, as well as get a free lunch that will be served from noon to 3pm. Dad’s just have to be accompanies by a paying child of any age visiting on Sunday, June 19th. Visit the specials section on Canobie’s website at for complete details.
    The park is also kicking off their SummahPalooza entertainment line up on this Saturday, featuring 18 different live shows that will run throughout the summer and into the fall.


2016 - Park Improvements - (6/1/16) As rumored, picture proof was sent in to show that the Tiki Maze has been removed from Canobie Lake.















    (5/29/16) I'm told that Canobie Lake Park removed their "Tiki Maze" from the park, possibly to make room for a new flat ride in the future. Stay tuned.
    (5/7/16) A nice collection of photos was sent in by a reader after visiting Canobie Lake Park this week, where they noticed a lot of renovation work has been done to the "dancehall theater" as well as lots of fresh wood on the tracks of the Yankee Cannonball. According to the report the Yankee Cannonball is running great and is giving a very smooth ride.


???? - New Ride - Rumor - (7/3/15) Is Canobie Lake looking to replace the Corkscrew coaster with a new coaster? Pictures




sent into Screamscape this week from the park show off survey markers on the coaster site and nearby with writing on them that says "Trac Edge Station" and another that says "Edge Sta." On the grass nearby and on the nearby train tracks there are also markings in orange paint. Could be that the park plan plans for something new and exciting to take over this spot in the future.
    (4/20/15) Rumor has it that Canobie Lake Park may be planning on adding a new flat ride to the park. However, according to the rumor, it likely wont open until the end of the park's season. If the rest of the rumor is true, the new ride may actually be one of the new Zamperla Air Race attractions, which appear to be quite thrilling and would be a good addition to the park.




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