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icon_STOPPark News - (9/16/15) On September 26th, SCREEEMFEST adds its special brand of fear to all the fun after dark, haunting Canobie Lake Park each Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening through October 31. There will be five haunted houses this year, with new of them new for 2015: The Canobie Lake Hotel and Black Hollow Cove.
    (7/3/15) Odd new markings found that could be a sign of where or what the park is planning for 2016. See the report below.


2016 - New Ride - Rumor - (7/3/15) Is Canobie Lake looking to replace the Corkscrew coaster with a new coaster? Pictures




sent into Screamscape this week from the park show off survey markers on the coaster site and nearby with writing on them that says "Trac Edge Station" and another that says "Edge Sta." On the grass nearby and on the nearby train tracks there are also markings in orange paint. Could be that the park plan plans for something new and exciting to take over this spot in the future.
    (4/20/15) Rumor has it that Canobie Lake Park may be planning on adding a new flat ride to the park. However, according to the rumor, it likely wont open until the end of the park's season. If the rest of the rumor is true, the new ride may actually be one of the new Zamperla Air Race attractions, which appear to be quite thrilling and would be a good addition to the park.




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