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Canada’s Wonderland
Ontario, Canada
Cedar Fair Entertainment



icon_STOPPark News - (3/6/17) I'm told that the old Body Blast slide at the waterpark area at Canada's Wonderland has been removed, likely to make way for the new Muskoka Plunge.


2017 - Soaring Timbers and Muskoka Plunge - (8/29/16) According to a source the new Soaring Timbers ride coming to Canada's Wonderland next season will replace the park's mini-golf area near Vortex and The Fly.
    (8/26/16) Canada's Wonderland will add new wet and dry thrills to the park in 2017. The waterpark will add Muskoka Plunge, a 60-foot tall waterslide tower featuring four-speed slides that will start with a near vertical plunge when they drop from inside an AquaPod. This sounds very familiar to what Cedar Point and Knott's Soak City will be adding in 2017, minus the extra pair of tube slides attached.
    Meanwhile the main theme park will add Soaring Timbers, a new unique flat ride that will sent guests soaring and tumbling through the sky. Based on the photo this will be a Mondial Inferno with a custom wood theme.


2018?? - B&M Inverted Coaster - Rumor - (8/30/16) The early word is that the next coaster planned for Canada’s Wonderland may be another B&M, likely to happen in 2018 or 2019. Not much talk on what it will be right now, though all the early rumors were pointing to a large scale B&M Inverted coaster along the lines of Banshee at Kings Island. For now we'll have to wait and see, though I've got a hunch another Cedar Fair park may get a B&M in 2018 before CW gets another one.
    (5/23/16) This is all just speculation, but I found the information compelling enough to share after a reader shared this with me. The overall thought is that the theme of each of the latest coasters added to the lineup of Canada's Wonderland have been single pieces of a larger themed set of themed apocalypse monsters with biblical origins.
    The bible itself (in Job) mentions Behemoth first (Job 40) and then Leviathan (Job 41). Other Jewish based writings about the creatures label Behemoth as a primal monster of the earth and label Leviathan as the primal force of the seas. There is a third creature said to be the primal force of the air and sky named "Ziz". I find it interesting that the rumors surrounding the next big coaster for Canada's Wonderland are focused on either a large scale Inverted coaster design... (or possibly a Flyer) which would fit in perfectly if they were to name it Ziz. Or at least that is a theory that is starting to go around... so stay tuned!
    (3/30/16) According to some early rumors going around for Canada's Wonderland and Kings Island, I'm hearing that Canada's Wonderland may have started pre-planning their next big coaster to be a very large B&M Inverted coaster, possibly similar to Banshee at Kings Island. If true, there is always a possibility that the existing Flight Deck inverted coaster (Vekoma SLC) may be removed. While I'm not sure what year this may happen, I'm leaning towards it being a 2018 project for now.




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Canada’s Wonderland
Ontario, Canada
Cedar Fair LP

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2010 - Boo Blasters on Boo Hill, Planet Snoopy, Snoopy On Ice

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