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News & Rumors


Busch Gardens Tampa
Tampa, FL
SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment



----    THE LATEST BUZZ    ----
    (5/16/17) Sand Serpent Seen Testing (MORE...)
    (4/21/17) Iceploration Comes To An End, Jambo Junction Area Reopens (MORE...)
    (4/20/17) Last Chance To Get Special Fun Card Offer (MORE...)
    (4/15/17) Elephant Easter Egg Hunt (MORE...)

Ride Rehabs - The following information is not guaranteed to be 100% accurate.
Sand Serpent - NOW CLOSED through ????
Phoenix - NOW CLOSED through May 19
Sheikra - May 30 through June 9
Gwazi Gliders - June 5 through June 9
Hippos of the Nile - June 12 through June 16
Rosita’s Fly Away - Aug 7 through Aug 11
Kumba - Aug 7 through Sept 1
Desert Runners - Sept 11 through Sept 15
Carousel - Sept 18 through Sept 29


icon_STOPGeneral Park News - (5/16/17) According to a park guests, the reported seeing crews testing the park's Sand Serpent coaster last week, which means that it could reopen in the near future after sitting closed since the start of the year for an unknown issue.
    (4/21/17) It seems that the Iceploration show at Busch Gardens Tampa will close for good after the final performance on Sunday, April 23rd. The park has also confirmed this on their Facebook page with a video from the lead performer. It is worth noting that a new show is expected to replace it sometime this summer.
    A reader also pointed out that earlier this month the old Jambo Junction area also reopened... though the Jambo Junction sign was taken down, and it is no longer listed as anything on the map. According to reports, the new name that will be put on the area may be "Animal Connections", and the good news is that most of the old Animal Ambassadors are still there to meet you, like Harry the Sloth, Versace the Crowned Crane, Cyrano the Toucan, and Alfalfa the Rock Hyrax. Look to be there at 11am and 1pm most days as they often let guests feed the flamingos at these times as well.

    (4/20/17) According to Busch Gardens Tampa, time is running out for their current 2017 Fun Card deal where guests who purchase a 2017 Fun Card to the park will also get a free Adventure Island Fun Card as well. The free Fun Card offer is only going to last until April 30th, 2017.
    (4/15/17) The elephants at Busch Gardens Tampa are getting to have their own Easter celebration this week and enjoying special enrichment treats like coconuts and edible mache Easter eggs filled with fruit. Thanks to the park sending us some great images of the elephants having fun this week.

    (3/6/17) The Busch Gardens Tampa Food and Wine Festival is now open, and our friends at Midway Mayhem stopped by the check it out this week and report back with a rundown.
    I've also got the rundown of the park's concert schedule... sorry to say that I missed posting it before the first weekend was under-way, but here it is:
Saturday, March 4: Daughtry
Sunday, March 5: Andy Grammer
Saturday, March 11: Goo Goo Dolls
Sunday, March 12: Kool & The Gang
Saturday, March 18: Young the Giant
Sunday, March 19: Jason Isbell & John Hiatt Trio
Saturday, March 25: Craig Wayne Boyd & Adam Wakefield
Sunday, March 26: El Gran Combo
Saturday, April 1: DNCE
Sunday, April 2: Walk Off the Earth
Saturday, April 8: Hunter Hayes
Sunday, April 9: Daya & Matt Nathanson
Saturday, April 15: The Band Perry         
Sunday, April 16: Newsboys
Saturday, April 22: Gilberto Santa Rosa
Sunday, April 23: Lynyrd Skynyrd
Saturday, April 29: Bachata Heightz, Justin Quiles, Milly Quezada
Sunday, April 30: Tribute Bands performing the best of Jimmy Buffet, Queen, Bon Jovi & Prince
    In one final bit of news, I was also informed that the former Jambo Junction area was to reopen over the weekend in a reduced format, though our source wasn't sure if they would change the name or not. Did anyone happen by to see if this really did happen?

    (1/31/17) Anyone know what's up with Sand Serpent (Mack Wild Mouse) at Busch Gardens Tampa?  The schedule of ride rehabs on the park's website added Sand Serpent earlier this month and has been updated to only say that it is now closed for annual maintenance until "TBD". Sounds like something either went wrong, or something was unexpectedly discovered as being wrong, that will take much longer to fix an anticipated.


2017 - Nothing is known yet at this time...


icon_STOP2018 - Walkabout Way Expansion - Rumor - (1/26/17) I'm hearing that the park may be planning an expansion to the Australian themed Walkabout Way animal area of the park for the 2018 season.


icon_STOP2019/2020 - Resort Hotel - Rumor - (1/26/17) Screamscape sources tell us that Busch Gardens Tampa is once again making plans to build their very own resort hotel on the property. I'm told they are hoping to open it by 2019 if the planning goes smoothly, though they have a few sites they are considering. The obvious one is to take up a large site along McKinley Drive right smack in the middle of the savannah where the railroad already curves away from McKinley which would give the resort the most room here, as well as providing some stunning views to the guests. Another site being heavily considered instead however is the corner property of the park where McKinley and Bougainvillea intersect, which is currently used as a backstage area for the park. If they go for this site, obviously whatever is back there would have to be moved to new facility elsewhere in the park, or moved off-site (if possible). In addition to those two primary sites, they have also earmarked a couple of other sites directly to the west and north of Adventure Island as possibilities as well.


???? - New Coaster - Rumor - (9/9/16) Is BGT planning on adding a new coaster in the near future? Early sources tell us that the park has been in talks with B&M about adding a new coaster as early as 2018 or 2019. With so many B&M coasters already in the park (Dive Machine, Looper, Inverted) and with a B&M Flyer and Floorless coaster also nearby at SeaWorld Orlando, about the only B&M design the company has not yet built in the region would be a Wing Coaster. Personally, I'd also love to see this come out as a Launched Wing Coaster design since the park has so many standard lift coasters.




Track Record

Busch Gardens Tampa
Tampa, Florida
SeaWorld Parks & Ent.

Abbreviation: BGT
Opened: March 31, 1959

Tickets: as of 1/7/16
Adults (10+): $99
Child (3-9): $94
Parking: $18
Open: Year Round

Fun Facts:
- The park was previously used the subtext of calling it “The Dark Continent”
- Python was removed in the fall of 2006.

Newest Developments:
2016 - Cobra’s Curse and Rising Tide Conversation exhibit

2015 - Colossal Curl opens at Adventure Island

2014 - Falcon’s Fury

2013 - Madagascar Live

2012 - Iceploration

2011 - Cheetah Hunt, Cirque Dreams: Jungle Fantasy, Millennium Flyer trains added to Gwazi

2010 - Sesame Street Safari Of Fun & Sesame Street 4D, Animal Connection & Walkabout Way

2008 - Jungala and
Jambo Junction

2007 - SheiKra goes Floorless




Park Concerts & Special Shows



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