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News & Rumors


Busch Gardens Tampa
Tampa, FL
SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment



----    THE LATEST BUZZ    ----
    (9/15/16) Official Howl-O-Scream Commercial
    (9/9/16) Possible New Coaster In Development (MORE...)
    (8/5/16) Guest Violently Assaults Popular Park Animal (MORE...)
    (8/3/16) Busch Gardens Tampa Opens Rising Tide Conservation Exhibit (MORE...)

Ride Rehabs - The following information is not guaranteed to be 100% accurate.
Kumba - NOW CLOSED through Sept 22
Desert Runners - NOW CLOSED through Sept. 23
Skyride - Sept. 26 through Oct. 28
Congo River Rapids - Oct. 29 through Nov. 34
Stanleyville Log Flume - Nov. 28 through Dec. 23
Big Bird’s Whirly Birdie - Dec 5 through Dec 16


General Park News - (8/5/16) Sometimes we publish stories of cheer and joy... others about thrills... and others about the joys of being scared on rides and haunts, but then there are the really dark articles. Not just the ones about people getting hurt... which are sad.. but then there is the next level of darkness. This is where we drop down to the lowest level of humanity... into a world full stupid and cruel inhabitants, where logic no longer make sense and the use of the word "human" becomes a bit of a stretch.
    Unfortunately this is where we are going today as a recently released 45-year old convict by the name of Joseph Corrao visited Busch Gardens Tampa with family members. For entirely unknown reasons Corrao suddenly reached into the park's flamingo exhibit and grabbed one of the parks more well known Flamingos, a 19-year old Chilean pink Flamingo by the name of Pinky, and then hoisted the bird over his head and hurled it violently into the ground as hard as he could.
    Unfortunately, Pinky's injuries were so severe, with one leg damaged to the point of nearly being completely severed off, that the park staff had no choice but to euthanize Pinky. Corrao has been arrested and charged with "aggravated cruelty to animals". Unfortunately, Corrao has a history of this kind of behavior, having been charged with  "aggravated assault on animals" back in 2013, and having just been released from prison in 2015 after a 2-year stretch for "aggravated assault" and "fleeing from officers" as the most recent offences in a criminal history that stretches back 20 years.
    (8/3/16) Busch Gardens Tampa has opened the new "Rising Tide Conservation" exhibit, a 270-gallon aquarium housing aquaculture fishes, live coral and snails. This non-profit collaborative effort was initiated by SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment in 2009 and focuses on methods to successfully breed saltwater reef fish to provide alternatives to collecting them from the wild.
    Rising Tide Conservation partners with public aquariums, research facilities, pet-industry professionals and saltwater aquarium hobbyists to protect coral reefs by developing sustainable aquaculture methods.  The collection of marine tropical fish can cause damage to both the reef and the fish it sustains.
    Busch Gardens Tampa has been establishing the tank system for nearly two years. The aquarium will display several marine fish that Rising Tide Conservation has successfully bred, including the first successful aquaculture of Yellow Tangs, which was done in conjunction with the Oceanic Institute of Hawaii Pacific University.
    Guests can visit the exhibit by the conservation windows located to the right of Jambo Junction in the Nairobi area of the park. The exhibit is open daily during park operating hours.


icon_STOPFall 2016 - Howl-O-Scream 2016 - (9/15/16) The fun advertisement for Howl-O-Scream Evil Encore has now been posted., Check it out below!

    (7/20/16) Busch Gardens Tampa has confirmed another returning haunt for this year's Howl-O-Scream event... Unearthed.
    (7/13/16) BGT has confirmed that Circus of Superstition: The Last Laugh will return to Howl-O-Scream this fall.

    (7/4/16) I thought I mentioned this before, but seems I only mentioned it on social media... but Busch Gardens Tampa and Williamsburg have posted their initial theme for this year's Howl-O-Scream event which they are calling Evil Encore. No details are posted on the individual park pages other than event dates for 2016. (BGW seems to have all their shows and mazes from last year listed however still...) With a name like Evil Encore however, it does sound as if 2016 may be a throw-back themed event, perhaps bringing back Icons and popular mazes from the past once again.


2017 - Nothing is known yet at this time...


icon_STOP2018/2019 - New Coaster - Rumor - (9/9/16) Is BGT planning on adding a new coaster in the near future? Early sources tell us that the park has been in talks with B&M about adding a new coaster as early as 2018. With so many B&M coasters already in the park (Dive Machine, Looper, Inverted) and with a B&M Flyer and Floorless coaster also nearby at SeaWorld Orlando, about the only B&M design the company has not yet built in the region would be a Wing Coaster. Personally, I'd also love to see this come out as a Launched Wing Coaster design since the park has so many standard lift coasters.




Track Record

Busch Gardens Tampa
Tampa, Florida
SeaWorld Parks & Ent.

Abbreviation: BGT
Opened: March 31, 1959

Tickets: as of 1/7/16
Adults (10+): $99
Child (3-9): $94
Parking: $18
Open: Year Round

Fun Facts:
- The park was previously used the subtext of calling it “The Dark Continent”
- Python was removed in the fall of 2006.

Newest Developments:
2016 - Cobra’s Curse and Rising Tide Conversation exhibit

2015 - Colossal Curl opens at Adventure Island

2014 - Falcon’s Fury

2013 - Madagascar Live

2012 - Iceploration

2011 - Cheetah Hunt, Cirque Dreams: Jungle Fantasy, Millennium Flyer trains added to Gwazi

2010 - Sesame Street Safari Of Fun & Sesame Street 4D, Animal Connection & Walkabout Way

2008 - Jungala and
Jambo Junction

2007 - SheiKra goes Floorless




Park Concerts & Special Shows



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