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News & Rumors


Alabama Splash Adventure
Birmingham, AL
Formerly Known As: Visionland (1998-2005), Alabama Adventure (2006-2011), Splash Adventures (2012-2014)



Park News - (7/15/15) Alabama Splash Adventure is a park in the middle of an identify crisis...  having been a full theme park / waterpark combo expereince, and later reduced to just a waterpark only for years by previous owners. Now the current ownership want to try and bring back the dry rides side of the park, piece by piece... so you might be wondering just what that looks like right now. As I'm sure you guessed, it looks a little odd, as a video from In The Loop shows us, there are lots of closed restaurant buildings ride queues leading to empty concrete pads for rides that are no longer there. But with infrastructure still in place, it will only make it easier for them to put new rides back into the park.


2017 - Nothing is known at this point in time.



Track Record

Alabama Splash

Birmingham, AL


Newest Developments:
2016 - Tea Cups & Drop Zone

2015 - Rampage reopens


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